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MS 44 John Kendrick Collection

This collection contains copies of plays and screenplays written by John Kendrick. Mr. Kendrick lectured at Weber State, Special Collections in 1986. The collection also contained two printed works that were cataloged for Special Collections. They are Another North and When the Wine is Cold and Just Keep Listening!


Fd 1 Envelope to John Lamborn from Kungl Dramatiska Teatern, Sweden: April 25, 1986

Fd 2 Dark Ireland, a verse play by John Kendrick

Fd 3 The Masters, a screenplay by John Kendrick

Fd 4 Third Class Carriage, a drama by John Kendrick

Fd 5 Lecture Programs given by John Kendrick: 1985-1987

Fd 6 Play Program- Third Class Carriage: 1983

Fd 7 Newspaper- Woodstock Times, “John Kendrick: poet, boxer, deer slayer, cheerleader”: June 19, 1986

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