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MS 6 The Jack A. Christensen Manuscript Collection

The contents of the manuscript collection were created and collected by Mr. Christensen.   It contains original correspondence from Juanita Miller, daughter of Joaquin Miller to Mr. Christensen about her father.   There are articles about Juanita and Joaquin Miller, poems about Mr. Miller, and biographical information on Juanita Miller and Joaquin Miller.


Fd 1                      Joaquin Miller, Newspaper pictures of him

Fd 2                    Invitation to reception and program honoring Joaquin Miller, copy of "Oakland," a poem by Miller

Fd 3                    One six page poem on Miller and one written in remembrance of him by Christensen

Fd 4                    January 10, 1966 letter from Juanita Miller to Christensen praising his poem on Miller

Fd 5                    December 18, 1965 letter from Juanita Miller to Christensen concerning that year's tea for Miller

Fd 6                    One envelope from Juanita Miller to Christensen and three pages of a newspaper clipping on Western authors

Fd 7                    Newspaper clipping on production of Miller's play "An Oregon Idyll."

Fd 8                      Printed copy of Christensen's poem on Miller

Fd 9                    Newspaper clipping announcing Juanita Miller's death and a biographical sketch of her

Fd 10                    June 6, 1965 letter from Juanita Miller to Christensen

Fd 11                  Three pages of an article Christensen wrote on Miller and one clipping on Miller

Fd 12                    Two poems by Miller

Fd 13                  Letter from Frances Buxton to Christensen; letter from Christensen to Frances Buxton

Fd 14                    Letter from Helen Woods to Christensen

Fd 15                    Jack Christensen's working papers for a poem on Miller

Fd 16                  Postcard and note from Juanita Miller to Christensen.   Postcard on her father's home

Fd 17                    Program of 1964 production of Miller's play "An Oregon Idyll."

Fd 18                    A poem about Juanita and Joaquin Miller by Ruth Le Prade

Fd 19                  Two copies of a Christmas card of Juanita Miller's- one written to Christensen

Fd 20                  Two postcards: one of "The Hights" area of Oakland and one of Miller's home.   Both signed by Juanita and give permission for use of the pictures

Fd 21                  August 18, 1965, letter to Christensen from Hugh B. Brown with August 30, 1965 reply to Christensen from Juanita written on Brown's letter

Fd 22                    Letter from Juanita Miller to Christensen, May 9, 1966

Fd 23                    Letter from Juanita Miller to Christensen, May 26, 1965

Fd 24                  Letter and envelope May 1966 from Juanita to Christensen which contains biographical information on Miller

Fd 25                  Newspaper clipping July 20, 1966 about Juanita's annual tea honoring her father

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