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MS 61 Edwin N. Williams Collection 1890 - 1911

Biographical Sketch

Edwin N. Williams was born in Kane County, Illinois on August 8, 1845, son of John and Caroline Hobby Williams. He joined the Union army in 1862, serving in the 69th Illinois regiment under Colonel Joseph Tucker. Prior to the end of the Civil War, Williams was one of the guards in charge of Confederate prisoners at Fort Douglas in Chicago. After the war, Williams moved to Montana and owned a ranch near present-day Bozeman. Williams also lived in Butte prior to moving to Corinne, Utah, where he operated a freighting outfit for many years. In 1873, Williams married Mary I. Tyler in Elgin, Illinois. They were the parents of six children: John Tyler Williams (1874-? ); Minnie Louise Williams (1878-1949); Lottie Belle Williams (1879-1879); Lottie Belle Williams (1881-1930); Edwin Newton Williams Jr. (1883-1962); Carrie Irene Williams (1886-1886). Mrs. Williams died in 1890. Williams resided in Ogden for more than thirty years prior to his death on April 4, 1932.

Scope and Content Note

The collection is arranged chronologically covering the period from 1890-1911. It contains personal and business correspondence, bills and newspaper clippings.
Included in the business correspondence are letters dealing with real estate holdings and financial matters. The collection also includes correspondence from J. W. Guthrie concerning taxes for 1898. Guthrie started a banking business in Corinne and later established a branch in Ogden. In 1878 H. O. Harkness acquired the Guthrie bank, and in 1884 it was granted a national charter and became the Commercial National Bank.
The personal correspondence provides interesting information on economic conditions during this period. It includes a discussion of the lack of housing in Salt Lake City, and the migration of families to the Bear River Valley to establish farms. Personal letters also discuss common ailments of the time including rheumatism, dyspepsia and neuralgia, as well as some mentions of medicines taken for these ailments. Also included are discussions of political activities, especially the right of women to vote in Corinne.
The collection was obtained by purchase from Benchmark Books, Salt Lake City, in August of 1998.



fd 1: 1890-91
fd 2: 1894
fd 3: 1895
fd 4: 1896
fd 5: 1897
fd 6: 1898
fd 7: 1899
fd 8: 1900
fd 9: 1901-02
fd 10: 1903
fd 11: 1904-05
fd 12: 1906
fd 13: 1908
fd 14: 1909
fd 15: 1910
fd 16: 1911
fd 17: undated
fd 18: undated newspaper clippings, one is in German.

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