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MS. #62 North Ogden Post Office Collection

Historical Note

Before North Ogden had a post office, mail came through the Ogden City post office. Anyone going to the Ogden post office from North Ogden usually pick up his/her neighbors mail.
On April 23, 1864, the United Postal Service located the first North Ogden post office in the Sidney Stevens’ store. Henry Holmes was appointed the first postmaster and he picked up mail twice a week from the Utah Northern Railroad mail stop in Harrisville. On December 1, 1893, the United States Postal Service started a daily mail delivery system for North Ogden from the Ogden post office. John W. Rex, was the next known postmaster and he handled mail service in the Rex, Dean and Campbell Company building. Francis Dudman, followed John Rex as postmaster and moved the post office to his grocery store.
John A. Dean erected the first post office in North Ogden. Rose Elvina Dean became the first postmistress. Following Rose Dean, was Alice S. Dean as postmistress.
George S. Dean held the title of postmaster from 1903-1907 and he moved the post office to his printing office.
When the post office moved from George Dean’s office to the Marshall store, William Ellis became postmaster and later Rose Toone took over as postmistress.
On December 1, 1902, rural free delivery of mail came to North Ogden. Business at the North Ogden post office declined and it was closed. Fred Ellis delivered mail on the R.F.D. route for about ten years to Harrisville, West Weber, Plain City and North Ogden.
In 1911 there was a post office at Five Points from which mail was picked up and delivered R.F.D. to North Ogden by Mr. Penshaw..
On November 5, 1961, the North Ogden branch post office was dedicated and Maurine Barker was hired as postmistress.
In 1985 a post office opened in North Ogden at Macey’s Sack N’ Save, until 1989 when the Ben Lomond branch was built at 221 North Washington Blvd. which now serves North Ogden and surrounding areas.

Scope and Content Note

The collection is arranged alphabetically by genre and consists of official documents regarding postal business. Inventory; statistics; procedures; letters of transmittal; audits; change in postmaster; order forms, Rose E. Dean’s resignation letter as postmistress, December 23, 1902 and an undated temperance poem.
The collection was obtained by purchase from Benchmark Books, Salt Lake City, Utah in September of 1998.

MS. #62

Box 1

fd 1: Official authorization for registered mail to be delivered to other than addressee, dates March 24,1899 to December 31, 1902. (Rose E. Dean, postmistress).

fd 2: Hand written authorization for registered mail to be delivered to other than addressee. Date range, February 5, 1900 to July 29, 1902, 1 undated.

fd 3: Samples of Official Post Office forms.

fd 4: Five remittance letters signed by Rose E. Dean. Dates range from 1899 - 1903.

fd 5: Temperance poem undated, no salutation, no signature.

fd 6: Correspondence - Auditor for Post Office. Contains one handwritten letter from Rose E. Dean, 10 account audit cards and 3 official auditor forms.

fd 7: Correspondence - Post Office Inspector. One official form instructing accurate accounting of postage on all matters postmarked at Marriotts post office. Four hand written letters regarding postal matters under this department. Date range, 1899 - 1903.

fd 8: Correspondence - Retiring Postmaster. One hand written letter delineating procedure of retiring postmaster, gives account transactions and balances on postal items (money orders, stamps, etc.). Date range 1899 - 1903.

fd 9: Correspondence - Rose E. Dean’s resignation letter, December 23, 1902. Handwritten letter.

Correspondence - First Assistant Postmaster General

fd 10: Dead Letter Office. Contains three official forms pertaining to this department. Two undated, one dated August 31, 1902.

fd 11: Money Order Division. Contains two canceled forms, new money order sample and receipts for money order transactions.
Correspondence - Third Assistant Postmaster

fd 12: Letter of Transmittal. Contains two official forms, January and March 1903.

fd 13: Official Order Forms. Contains two official forms, June and October, 1902.

fd 14: Postal Stamp Agency. Contains seventeen official forms,. Date range January, 1899 - November 1902.

fd 15: Stamped Envelopes - New Contract & Examples. Contains three stamped envelopes and new contract schedule.

fd 16: U.S. Postal Card & Stamped Envelope Receipts. Contains seventeen items.

Correspondence - Fourth Assistant Postmaster General

fd 17: Bond Division- Contains one official form.

fd 18: Inventory/Statistics. Contains fifteen items, handwritten notes, official forms and booklets pertaining to postal items. Dates range 1899-1903.

fd 19: Miscellaneous Postal Forms. October 1898 and November 1899.

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