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MS #67 Hoover Dam Photo-Chronology


Three volume set of a photographic record of the Hoover Dam Project,
Nevada, 1931-1935, published by the Six Companies Corporation. These
photographs are black and white and depict various stages of the Hoover
Dam construction, including dam building sites, construction machinery,
construction workers and government officials at ceremonies conducted
throughout the progression of the Hoover Dam’s construction. These
volumes belonged to Mrs. William H. Wattis and were donated to Weber
State University by Dorothy Bowman Hetzel, 1990.

Vol. 1- Photographs of the Hoover Dam Project, 1931-1932.

Vol. 2- Photographs of the Hoover Dam Project, 1932-1933.

Vol. 3- Photographs of the Hoover Dam Project, 1933-1935.

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