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P 104 Fannie Day Photograph Collection

P 104

Fannie Day Photograph Collection


This collection contains images that were given to Fannie Marshall Day.   It includes mostly cabinet cards with 5 tintypes.   A large majority of the photographs are of unidentified individuals.



              Fd 1                      Fannie M. Day

              Fd 2                      Fannie Marshall B???? and Virginia Kay

              Fd 3                      Anna B.R.

              Fd 4                      John C. Breckinridge

              Fd 5                      Baby Charlie

              Fd 6                      Lizzie H.

              Fd 7                      Karen Haldeman

              Fd 8                      Marion

              Fd 9                      Katie Peck

              Fd 10                    Ethel Lucile Phelps

              Fd 11                    Shropshure Children

              Fd 12                    Unknown Men

              Fd 13                    Unknown Women

              Fd 14                    Tintypes (Unknown)

              Fd 15                    Miss Lyne of Kentucky Card

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