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PHOTOGRAPH COLLECTION #13 The Edna Davenport Whitmeyer   Collection of Ogden and Ogden Canyon

This collection contains photographs taken around 1893 by Paul W. Stecher, a commercial photographer and jeweler of early Ogden.   The photographs are of Ogden and the construction of the pipeline in Ogden Canyon, as well as Ogden Canyon

Photograph #

  1.   Bridal Veil Falls at the mouth of Ogden Canyon
  2.   Ogden River near Peery's Camp, Ogden Canyon
  3.   Old dam near entrance to Wheeler Creek, Ogden Canyon
  4.   Mouth of Ogden Canyon
  5.   The "Narrows" in Ogden Canyon
  6.   Road in Ogden Canyon
  7.   Pipeline in Ogden Canyon
  8.   North side of Ogden Canyon, looking East with view of pipeline
  9.   Pipe used to construct water line to power house at the mouth of       Ogden Canyon
  10.   Wilson Lumber mill, south of the Hermitage, Ogden Canyon
  11.   Ogden from Observatory Peak, looking West.   Weber River in the distance
  12.   Identification papers of Mrs. Whitmeyer's
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