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PHOTOGRAPH COLLECTION #18 The Emma Russell Collection

This collection consists of photographs from the Footprints of Roy, 1873-1979 by Emma Russell.   The book is a history of Roy from its earliest days to present time.   The photographs were donated by Emma Russell and are of early settlers and buildings.   The material is for non-commercial use only.

Photograph #

  1.   Baker, William Evans- first settler of Roy
  2.   Brown, John Martin- Family portrait
  3.   Cole, William- family portrait
  4.   Garner, Chancy James- family portrait
  5.   Roy- Jones Canning Factory
  6.   Roy- Jones Canning Factory
  7.   Robinson, William- Roy, Utah
  8.   Roy- White's store
  9.   Union Depot Hotel- Ogden, Utah
  10.   Thompson, Vern and Glen (son)- Roy
  11.   Railroad- Union Pacific- Train Robbery- Roy, 1912
  12.   Oregon Short Line Depot
  13.   Roy, Utah- Brass Band (first) 1883
  14.   Utah- Canals- Roy, 1881
  15.   Roy- public schools- 1912
  16.   Weber High School (old)- Ogden
  17.   Roy- Cemeteries- Russell, Emma
  18.   Roy- Post Office Monument- Dedication (9 Sept. 1958)
  19.   Roy- Post Office
  20.   World War II- Pacific- Iwo Jima Cemetery
  21.   Wahlen, George- Roy; Truman, Harry- President of U. S.
  22.   Pres. John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy
  23.   Wahlen, George- Roy; President Kennedy- Congressional award reception
  24.    Footprints of Roy - Russell, Emma- negatives
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