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Description:  Black and white photographs, 8" x lO", of scenes from early Ogden days including street scenes, railroad yards and depot, buildings, unidentified people and scenes from Ogden Canyon. Donor anonymous.

Photograph #


1 (a,b) Ogden, Utah- Ogden City Hall
2 (a,b) Ogden, Utah- Central School (now Elks Lodge)
3 Ogden, Utah- Broome Hotel
4 (a,b) Ogden, Utah- 25th Street looking East
5 (a,b) Ogden, Utah- Street scenes: George A. Lower Co., Schuttler Wagons, Ogden Milling and Elevator Company
6 (a,b) Ogden, Utah- Street scenes, unidentified
7 Ogden, Utah- Street scenes, unidentified
8 (a,b) Ogden, Utah- Street scenes, unidentified
9 (a,b) Ogden, Utah- Unidentified building
10 (a,b) Ogden, Utah- Railroad yards
11 (a,b) Ogden, Utah- Union Pacific Depot
12 (a,b) Ogden, Utah- Union Pacific Depot- 2nd Depot
13 (a,b) Ogden, Utah- Ogden Canyon
14 & 15 Ogden, Utah- Ogden Canyon
16 Ogden, Utah- Huntsville, Artesian Wells
17 (a,b)

Ogden, Utah- Ogden River, Water Flume (?)

18 & 19 Unidentified People
20 &21 Unidentified People
22 Grant School- West side of Grant Ave.
23 Idlewild, now Thiokol Management Training Center, Ogden Canyon
24 Unidentified Builiding


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