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PHOTOGRAPH COLLECTION #33 The Daughters of the American   Revolution Collection

This collection consists of photographs of Miss Linda Irwin, and early Ogden school teacher who taught at the Grant School, Broon's Bench Twelfth Street School and Washington Schools in Ogden.   Also photographs of Miss Irwin with revolutionary relics and a small portrait of Henri Dupont.   This collection was donated by Mrs. Franklin Maughan and Mrs. George Whitmeyer in behalf of the Golden Spike Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Photograph #

  1.   Grant School, students with teacher, Linda Irwin
  2.   Students in classroom with Linda Irwin
  3.   Broon's Bench Twelfth Street School, teacher, Linda Irwin taken         about 1895
  4.   Portrait of Linda Irwin
  5.   Linda Irwin in front of revolutionary relics
  6.   Washington School teachers, janitor, with Linda Irwin
  7.   Washington School students with Linda Irwin
  8.   Washington School students with Linda Irwin
  9.   Washington School students with Linda Irwin, around 1901
  10.   Portrait of Henri DuPont
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