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PHOTOGRAPH COLLECTION #36 William and Catherine King   Collection

SEE ALSO: Manuscript Collection #130


Reproductions of photographs taken by W.H. Jackson, July, 1872. Ogden, Utah and surrounding area. Black and white. 8" x 10".

Photograph #

1 View of Willard, Utah.

2 View of Ogden, Utah from Wasatch Mountains.

3 View of Ogden, Utah from Wasatch Mountains.

4 Group of men in front of tents against backdrop
of Wasatch Mountains.

5 Waterfall in Ogden Canyon, Utah.

6 Ogden Canyon road.

7 Figure standing on Ogden Canyon road.

8 Ogden River, Ogden Canyon, Utah.

9 Figures on Ogden Canyon road beside Ogden River.

10 Railroad tracks near the mouth of Weber Canyon, Utah.

11 Group of men standing in front of the Oaks Resort, Ogden
Canyon, Utah, ca 1890. (This photograph was not taken
by W.H. Jackson.)

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