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PHOTOGRAPH COLLECTION #50 Hill Field Collection


Photographs taken in the early 1980s of Hill Field Air Force Base, Utah.
Black and white, 5 x 7. Includes photographs of F-16 jets, UH1 helicopter,
pilots, security demonstration, aircraft maintenance, officers, and aircraft
maintenance workers receiving awards.

Photograph #

1 F-16 jets on air force runway.

2 Pilots with F-16 jets.

3 Security dog checking packs near F-16 jet.

4 Air force security guards demonstrating apprehension
of suspect.

5 F-16 pilot being assisted.

6 Two UH1 helicopter pilots loading cot on a

7 Maintenance being done on F-16 jet.

8 Maintenance check on twenty millimeter Vulcan

9 Passing of a banner between two air force officers.

10 Award being given to F-16 jet maintenance workers.

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