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PHOTOGRAPH COLLECTION #56 Transcontinental Railroad


Reproductions of photographs of the building of the Transcontinental
Railroad, 1869, and of some individuals who were involved with it.
Includes the classic photograph taken at the site of the driving of the
Golden Spike, accredited to photographer Charles R. Savage, but
actually taken by photographer, Andrew J. Russell.

Photograph #

1 Union Pacific Railroad box cars and construction
boss, Jack Casement in the foreground. Black and
white, 8" x 10'.

2 Construction train at Granite Canyon. Black and
white, 8" x 10".

3 Union Pacific private railroad car with Silas Seymour;
consulting engineer, Sidney Dillon; director, T.C.
Durant; and director, John Duff. Black and white,
8" x 10".

4 Beginning of the driving of the Golden Spike
ceremony at Promontory, Utah. Black and white,
8" x 10".

5 After the Golden Spike was driven, Promontory, Utah,
May 1869. In this photograph, chief engineers Grenville
Dodge of the Union Pacific Railroad and Sam Monta-
gue of the Central Pacific Railroad shake hands. Black
and white, 8" x 10".

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