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PHOTOGRAPH COLLECTION #62 Scenic Utah Collection

Photographs of Ogden Canyon, Ogden Valley, the Hermitage Resort and Southern Utah, circa 1915-1920.   Most photographs depict landscape scenes but a few show recreational activities such as sightseeing, fly fishing and swimming.   Some photographs come from the Ogden photographic studios of Paul W. Stecher and George W. Goshen.   Originally arranged in a scrapbook.

Fd 1                      Fly fishing on the Ogden River

Fd 2                      Hermitage Resort

Fd 3                      Idlewild Building, Ogden Canyon

Fd 4                    Scenes of Ogden Canyon showing road and Ogden River.   Some photos from Paul W. Stecher

Fd 5                    Ogden Canyon water pipeline and waterfall

Fd 6                    Railway line in Ogden Canyon

Fd 7                    Utah Power and Light dam and reservoir at the end of Ogden Canyon

Fd 8                    Ogden Canyon private residences in various seasonal shots, ca. 1917-1920

Fd 9                    People sightseeing in Ogden Canyon, some on the Ogden River

Fd 10                  Ogden City, a water hole with boys swimming somewhere west of Ogden City and a photograph of snow covered Wasatch Mountains

Fd 11                  Ogden Valley, east of Ogden Canyon

Fd 12                  Ogden Valley South Fork area views of tree groves

Fd 13                  Photographs of Southern Utah near St. George.   Most photos are of Zion National Park area, three show views of the town of Rockville

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