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PHOTOGRAPH COLLECTION #63 Saltair Resort Photographs

Photographs of the Great Salt Lake resort, Saltair, Utah circa 1900 and 1928.   Images include Saltair's exterior and interior, bathers, and tourists strolling outside the resort.

Fd 1                      Interior View of Saltair ballroom; Man standing in front of Saltair

Fd 2                      Front exterior of Saltair; rear view of Saltair

Fd 3                    Men in black bathing suits standing in the Great Salt Lake; People floating in the Great Salt Lake; Women in swimming outfits in the Great Salt Lake; Swimmers in the Great Salt Lake, Railroad causeway in the background

Fd 4                    Tourists standing around the railroad tracks near Saltair; view of tourists and train near Saltair, in the far right is a carousel

Fd 5                    Three women in bathing suits, standing in front of dressing rooms; four women dressed in bathing suits sitting in the sand at Saltair

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