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PHOTOGRAPH COLLECTION #7 Ogden Photograph Collection

This collection contains copies of photographs from early Ogden and the surrounding region, spanning in time from the 1880s to the middle 1900s.   Photographic subjects include people, buildings, businesses and industries, organizations, transportation, and landmarks.    Each print in this collection has been backed with heavy cardboard.

Photograph #

  1.   Photograph of the cast of "The Senior" at the Ogden Orpheum Theatre, February, 1914
  2.   Clark S. Eccles Advance Roller Mills
  3.   Eccles Mill and Lumber Yard
  4.   Hermitage in Ogden Canyon
  5.   Broom Factory
  6.   J. S. Lewis and Company, Jewelers
  7.   Robert Christensen's Blacksmith and Carriage Shop on Wilson Lane
  8.   View of Ogden Canyon
  9.   View of the side of Miles Goodyear's Cabin
  10.   Side view of Miles Goodyear's Cabin and protective fencing around it
  11.   View of Goodyear's cabin and marker
  12.   The oldest home in Utah, Mile Goodyear's cabin
  13.   Social gathering of ladies at the Miles Goodyear Cabin in 1896
  14.   Close view of the inscription on the marker of Goodyear's cabin
  15.   Closer view of the inscription on the marker of Goodyear's cabin
  16.   Closest view of the inscription on the marker of Goodyear's cabin
  17.   The Moench Building- Weber Stake Academy
  18.   View of early Ogden
  19.   Ogden street scene in the early 1870s
  20.   Early painting of Ogden
  21.   Ogden's first brass band
  22.   Early Ogden's volunteer fire department
  23.   Early Ogden's volunteer fire department
  24.   Ogden's first station and professional firemen
  25.   Early Ogden hospital
  26.   Sample of early advertising from Ogden publication "Ogden, the Junction City of the West", 1888
  27.   First edition of Ogden publication The Amateur
  28.   Same photograph of The Amateur
  29.   The driving of the Golden Spike at Promontory, Utah
  30.   First motor car in Ogden owned by Mr. and Mrs. Howell
  31.   First funeral hearse in Ogden
  32.   Ogden depot in 1871
  33.   Third ward school in Ogden circa 1900
  34.   Unidentified building in Ogden
  35.   An outdoor social gathering in Ogden
  36.   Group of people standing in front of an Ogden shop
  37.   Later photograph of Ogden about the late 1940s showing three swimsuit clad women
  38.   Portrait of Captain James Brown, founder of Ogden
  39.   Portrait of Andrew Goodyear, 1972
  40.   Portrait of Lorin Farr, one of the founding fathers of Ogden
  41.   Dee Hospital, Ogden, Utah
  42.   Unidentified school, Ogden, Utah
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