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Research Guide: Chinese Films Search Guide

Table of Contents:

What is available

There are over 500 Chinese films and documentaries about Chinese peoples, cultures, and history that have been collected in the Stewart Library Media/Reserve Services.

How to find them

  • Use the online catalog search:
    • If you have a specific title of the film in mind, you can search by typing in the pinyin title unless the original title is in English
    • If you do not have a specific title in mind you can search by subject, the best subject to search for is: Motion pictures, Chinese or Foreign films-China
    • If you are looking for specific director, actress, actor, etc. you can use the name search, enter their pinyin name except when they use an English name.   
  • You can go to the Media/Reserve Services and browse the entire Chinese films collection. These films are general speaking grouped by title.

How to use them

  • You can either view them in the library view room or check them out and watch them at home.

Search other libraries

There are other libraries, e.g. Chicago Public Library, University of Iowa that also house a large number of Chinese films, you can use the Web to search for other interesting films. Depending on each library's lending policy, you can borrow some of these through Interlibrary loan.

  • If you do not have particular library in mind, you can go to Stewart Library's home page and click Library catalogs, click WorldCat and search for films.
  • If you have particular library in mine and you know the web address, you can do a direct search, e.g. search Chicago Public Library:
  • If you want to search a particular library's online catalog, but do not know the address, you can go to Stewart Library's home page and click Library, click Other catalogs.

Additional sources

Steward Library also has a Chinese book collection (on cinema), they are housed either in the Reference Collection or in General Collection depending on the nature of the book, you can find them through the online catalog, using the pinyin method unless the original title is in English. The following are a few samples:

  • Shanghai dian ying zhi. Reference shelves PN1993.5 C4 S52 1999.
  • Zhongguo dian yin tu zhi. Reference shelves PN1993.5 C4 Z532 1995.
  • Zhongguo dian ying da ci dian. Reference shelves PN1993.5 C4 Z63 1995.
  • Zhongguo ying pian da dian. Reference shelves PN1993.5 C4Z55 1996.

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