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Research Guide: Arts and Humanities

Finding Books

Using Catalogs: Use the WSU online catalog to find location and availability of books and other media in Stewart Library. Many of the books on the arts and humanities are located on level two of the library in the General Collection under the following broad call number areas:
  • A -- general works, including general encyclopedias
  • B -- philosophy and religion
  • G -- recreation, including folklore, dance, costume and fashion
  • M -- music
  • N -- visual arts
  • P -- language, literature, communication
  • T -- technology, including photography, technical aspects of performing arts, and crafts

From Bookstores: Order books online from Amazon Books, Barnes and Noble or Yahoo Books Page. Also use Books in Print sources as needed.

Interlibrary Loan: If we do not own a particular book or article you need, we will borrow it for you from another library through Interlibrary Loan.

Reference Resources

Reference resources include encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks, companions and other materials you use to "refer" to. Use these resources for background information on a topic. Reference books can be found in the reference area, main level. Many books, encyclopedia, guides and other resources are now online and can be accessed from the Humanities Reference Resources Web page. 

Finding Articles


To find articles on your topic you need to use Article Databases. Each database usually covers a group of subject related journals. Search by subject or keyword in these databases. Use your WSU login for off-campus access.


To access electronic journals, go to the Electronic Journals page. Additional electronic journals are listed within other, more specific,  Humanities Research Guides.


Current magazines and journals can be browsed in the Current Periodicals Area on the Main level. Bound volumes of older issues are found upstairs in the periodicals stacks.  


Web Resources

Here are some WWW sites to get you started. Most of these will take you to other links, so explore!

Research Tips

Updated December 29, 2008
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