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Research Guide: Spanish for Business

Finding Books

Using Catalogs: Use the WSU online catalog to find location and availability of books and other media in Stewart Library. Most of the books on business are in the H's. Books on Spanish language will be in the PC4000's in the General Collection. 

Use World Cat to find books in other libraries. For home or off campus access please use your WSU Login. Stewart Library Interlibrary Loan services will order for you.

Subject Headings: The following Library of Congress Subject Headings may be useful:
  • Business communication --[country] 
  • Business enterprises --[country]
  • Business etiquette --[country] 
  • Corporate culture --[country] 
  • Corporate culture--[country] 
  • Demography
  • Ethnic groups -- [country]
  • Ethnic relations --[country]
  • Free trade 
  • Globalization 
  • Intercultural communication 
  • International business enterprises 
  • International finance 
  • International trade 
  • Investments, Foreign --[country] 
  • [name of country] 
  • Negotiation in business --[country] 
  • Population
  • Taxation  --[country] 
  • Vital Statistics

Electronic Books: 

  • The Country Studies - This series, published by Library of Congress,  presents a description and analysis of the historical setting and the social, economic, political, and national security systems and institutions of countries throughout the world and examines the interrelationships of those systems and the ways they are shaped by cultural factors. Not every country is represented and dates of publication vary. See links below, within Country Guides, to individual country titles.
  • NetLibrary - A searchable collection of electronic books on all subjects; available to WSU students

From Bookstores: Order books online from Amazon Books, Barnes and Noble or Yahoo Books Page. Also use Books in Print sources as needed.

Interlibrary Loan : If we do not own a particular book or article you need, we will borrow it for you from another library through Interlibrary Loan.

Reference Resources

Reference resources include encyclopedias, dictionaries and other materials you use to "refer" to. Use these resources for background information on a topic.


  • Enciclopedia Encarta
  • InfoNation -  An easy-to-use, two-step database that allows you to view and compare the most up-to-date statistical data for the Member States of the United Nations. 
  • Hoovers and Hoovers Espana - Company profiles and business information



Listed below are some selected examples. Use the catalog or browse the shelves to see many more useful reference books. Useful titles on culture and diversity are on Table 5A. Statistical and demographic data can be found on Table 5B.

  • Business operations in... [Mexico, Spain, etc...] Reference Table 6B 
    • Heavy focus on taxation and accounting.
  • Country Studies  -  Government Documents D101.22: 
  • Culturegrams Reference Table 5A GT150.C85. Handy summary of practical information for the traveler; touches on the social customs and the economic, political and historical characteristics of the country useful for the visitor to know. 
  • Encyclopedia of the Third World - HC59.7.K87. Provides a compact, balanced and objective description of the dominant political, economic, and social systems of 122 countries of the world. 
  • Encyclopedia of World Cultures - Reference Table 5A GN307.E53 1991. Volumes cover 1,500 cultures from around the world. Each entry includes information on cultural relations, kinship, marriage and family, religion, and a bibliography. 
  • Europa World Yearbook - Reference Table 5A JN102.E852 . Provides a detailed profile on each country with a good statistical survey on key economic statistics. 
  • Exporters' Encyclopaedia - Reference Table 6A HF 3011.E9. A comprehensive guide to exporting, containing information on markets, regulation, documents, communications, and many other aspects of exporting. 
  • Guide to Economic Indicators  - HC103.F9 2000 
  • Statesman's Yearbook  - JA51.S7 
  • UNESCO Statistical Yearbook - Reference Table 5B AZ361.S7 
  • World Economic Factbook 1998/9  - Reference Table 5B HC59.15 .W67 1998-99 
  • World Factbook  - Reference Table 5B G1.W6 


Finding Articles


To find articles on your topic you need to use article databases, also known as periodical indexes. Each database usually covers a group of subject related journals. Search by subject or keyword in these indexes. Most databases are available from off campus with a WSU student ID.

  • ABI/Inform - Coverage includes advertising, business conditions, economics, finance, trends, corporate strategies, management techniques, marketing, taxation, and product information. Selected full-text. Early 80's-date. 
  • EbscoHost en Espanol - Search Ebscohost databases with a Spanish interface. Most articles are in English. Includes:
    • Academic Search Premier - Provides some full text articles in over a thousand magazines and journals  
    • Business Source Premier Coverage includes management, economics, finance, accounting, and international business topics. Selected full-text.
  • Ethnic NewsWatch - Full text. Opciones de búsqueda en Inglés y en Español. Favor de seleccionar idioma de búsqueda: Articles from minority and ethnic newspapers, magazines, and journals in English and Spanish. 1990-Present.
  • MLA - MLA International Bibliography is usually the best index for researching literature and literary criticism topics. MLA provides article reference for articles in literature, languages, linguistics, and folklore back to 1963. Updated ten times per year.


Web Resources

Here are some WWW sites to get you started. Most of these will take you to other links, so explore!




Each country guide provides links to business and economic data on that country.  Sources include governmental, organizational and commercial Web sites, and books available in the WSU Stewart Library.

See also many other useful links within the Stewart Library  Research Guides for Business and Economics





Research Tips and Assistance

When searching for materials, try a variety of databases- ask a librarian for suggestions based on your topic.  Remember- different databases will have different coverage, and will look a little different.  One good strategy is to try to find one or two GOOD articles- once you've found them, look at the terms they use, and try another search using those terms. 

GET STARTED EARLY!  If you can find it, we can get it, but you need to start your research early.  You might find some really great stuff that is not available in full text, or articles from journals that we don't have access to.  If this is the case, all you have to do is use Interlibrary Loan, and it will be sent to the WSU library for you to pick up.    These things might take a few days or a week.


If you STILL can't find exactly what you need, or have questions...

  • CALL the Reference desk at:  626-6514
  • CLICK on the Live assistance button for real time help during library hours.
  • Email us at
  • or COME IN! The Reference Desk is on the middle level of the library.
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