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Research Guide: Automotive Business Practices

(WSU) means you will need your WSU ID number to access from off-campus

Automotive Industry Information

Selected Automotive Industry NAICS/SIC Codes:

441 Motor Vehicle & Parts Dealers    
4411 Automobile Dealers 5511 Motor Vehicle Dealers (used & new)
441110 New Car Dealers 5511 Motor Vehicle Dealers (used & new)
441120 Used Car Dealers 5521 Motor Vehicle Dealers (used only)
4413 Automotive Parts, Accessories & Tire Stories 5013 Motor Vehicle Supplies and New Parts


Motor Vehicle Manufacturing

37 /


Transportation Equipment /

Motor Vehicle Bodies

42311 Automobiles & other Motor Vehicle Wholesalers 5012 Automobiles & other Motor Vehicle Wholesalers
42312 Motor Vehicle Supplies and new parts Wholesalers 5013 Motor Vehicle Supplies and new parts Wholesalers
42314 Motor Vehicle Parts (used) wholesalers 5015 Motor Vehicle Parts (used) wholesalers
522220 Sales Financing & Leasing 6159 Miscellaneous Business Credit Institutions
811111 General Automotive Repair 7538 General Automotive Repair shops

2002 NAICS/1987 SIC Correspondence Table


Use these resources to find information on the Automotive Industry as a whole:

  • Standard & Poor's Netadvantage - (WSU) - Click on Industries on the blue menu bar.  In the Select: Industry Surveys box, choose Autos & Auto Parts, click the search arrow (orange/brown box).  Give current environment, industry profile, how the industry operates, comparative company analysis and more.
  • Value Line Research Center - (WSU) - click on Look up Industry on the left side menu. Find Auto & Truck or Auto Parts.  Click on the link for company information, or the icon under the Industry Comments column for an overview.
  • Office of Aerospace and Automotive Industries' Automotive Team - data on international and domestic trade in vehicles and parts as well as general industry financial and statistical information.  Includes industry forecasts.
  • AutoFacts - industry information from PriceWaterhouseCoopers.  Much free information, some requires subscription.  Domestic & international information.
  •  -  recent industry information.  Archives require a subscription.


Company Information


Use these resources to find information on a specific company:

To find the ticker symbol for a company, go to:  and type in the company name.

  • Lexis-Nexis Academic - (WSU)   Select the 'Business' category from the main menu, then choose one of the options available:  Company Financial Reports, Company Profiles, Compare Companies, SEC Filings & Reports or Directories.
  • Mergent Online - (WSU) Click on the Enter MergentOnline button.  You can search by company name (Daimler-Chrysler), Ticker symbol (DCX) or used Advanced Search and search by NAICS/SIC code.
  • Standard & Poor's Netadvantage - (WSU) - Click on Companies on the blue menu bar.  In the Select: box, choose the report you want, enter the ticker symbol and click the search arrow (orange/brown box). 


Industry & Company News

Use these resources to find industry news:

  • Lexis-Nexis Academic - (WSU)   Select the 'Business' category from the main menu, then choose Industry & Market.  From the drop down menu, choose:  Automotive & Transportation News, enter a keyword (such as Utah dealerships) to search, choose a date and click on the Search button.
  • Business Source Premier - (WSU) Use this database to find industry news and also information on best practices, running a business, and so on.


For local & regional news:



We can access many journals and magazines online or in print.

          Use our Ejournals Database  to access these titles:


  • Automotive news  
  • Ward's auto world
  • Ward's dealer business
  • Automotive Aftermarket Industry Profile: United States
  • Automotive components analyst
  • Automotive design & production  
  • Automotive DIY Products Industry Profile: United States
  • Automotive environment analyst  
  • Automotive fleet  
  • Automotive industries
  • Chilton's automotive industries
  • Plunkett's automobile industry almanac
  • American clean car
  • Car and driver
  • Motor age
  • And many more

You will need your WSU ID to get into the magazine or journal.

Not sure how to use the database? 

    • Call  - 801 - 626-6415     Toll free: 1-877-306-3140 
    • Chat - click on the button on the upper right of most web pages.
    • email -



Finding Books

Using Catalogs : Use the WSU online catalog to find location and availability of books and other media in Stewart Library. Books you can check out are located on level two of the library in the General Collection, Reference Books are on the main level. 

  • Most books on the business aspects of automobiles & motor vehicles are in the HD section.
  • Books on the technical aspects of automobiles & motor vehicles are in the TL section.


Search terms to try: 

  • automobile dealers
  • automobile industry and trade
  • automobiles marketing
  • motor vehicles design and construction
  • automotive computers
  • automotive electronics
  • type in the name of specific parts:  fuel systems, carburetors, batteries, brakes, motors, and so on.

Search for  videos & DVDs just like books.  They are located in the Media Collection, lower level.  Most can be checked out.


Interlibrary Loan: If we do not own a particular book or article you need, we will borrow it for you from another library through Interlibrary Loan .


Other Business Guides



Useful Web Resources

Other useful Library Databases:

  • Factiva - (requires public library card) - industry information, news, company & financial information.
  • Auto Repair Reference Center - (WSU) - repair manual, includes maintenance schedules and Labor estimators.
  • Vocational & Career Collection - (WSU) - information on careers, includes information on specfic industries and careers within them and access to trade & industry publications.
  • Academic Search Premier - (WSU) - a good place to begin research on any topic. 


Research Tips

  • Clearly identify your information need
  • Identify key words and search terms to match your topic
  • Develop search statements using advanced search techniques such as Boolean logic, adjacency searching and truncation.
  • Use the online catalog to find books, videos and other materials
  • Use an  appropriate article database to find journal articles, ask a librarian for help if you're not sure what's best
  • Use interlibrary loan to get materials that are not in Stewart Library
  • Use search engines to find Web information
  • Carefully evaluate the information you find for usefulness and quality
  • Revise your search terms and strategy to expand or narrow your results, be creative, look in other areas
  • Use appropriate style to document and cite research
  • Ask for HELP at  Reference , via phone or email


Updated December 30, 2008 . Please send comments to JaNae Kinikin, Science Librarian

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