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Country Guide: China

China Flag

For more resources on international business practices, visit the International Business Resources or Country Guides Information.

  • China marketing data and statistics   Reference HA4631.C443
  • Accounting in China in transition, 1949-2000  HF5616. C6 H83 2001
  • Business operations in the People's Republic of China   Reference Table 6  KF6289.A1T35 #957
  • China Tax & Accounting Manual  KNQ3550.C45 1998 
  • Doing business in China : the last great market    HF3128.M87 1994 
  • Doing business with China   HC427.92.D65 1994
  • Doing business with China   HC427.95.D65 2003 (Davis Campus)
  • Doing business in Asia: the complete guide   HF1583.D86 1995
  • Working with China (videorecording)  Media VHS- Lower Level  HF5389.W63 1994
  • Kevin B. Bucknall's cultural guide to doing business in China  HF5389.B83 1994
  • A guide to successful business relations with the Chinese: opening the Great Wall's gate   HF5389.H83 1994
  • Big M, little m marketing : new strategies for a new Asia   HF5415.12.A8B54 2003
  • Working with Chinese expatriates in business negotiations: portraits, issues, and applications  HD58.6.L36 2000
  • Communicating effectively with the Chinese  P92.C5K36 1998
  • Perspectives on communication in the People's Republic of China  HN733.5 .S36 1999
  • International management in China: cross-cultural issues  HD62.47 .I587 1998
  • China, a country study  Government Documents  D101.22:550_60/988
  • Accounting and Auditing in China  HF5616.C5L56 1998 
  • Contemporary accounting issues in China : an analytical approach   HF5616.C5L58 1996 
  • China business: the portable encyclopedia for doing business with China  HC427.92 C4636 1995
  • China business : the rules of the game  HD2910.B53 2000
  • China business : challenges in the 21st century  HF3836.5.C553 2000 
  • Partnering with Chinese firms : lessons for international managers  HD62.47.L86 2000 
  • Foreign advertising in China : becoming global, becoming local  HF5813.C5W36 2000 
  • Business Communication in China  HF5718.2.Z47 1999
  • Managing International Business Ventures in China  HD62.47.M365 2001 
  • Development of Accounting and Auditing Systems in China  HF5616.C5J5 2001 
  • Private Enterprise in China HD4319.P75 2001 
  • International business agreements in the People's Republic of China: readings and materials  KNQ3405.I57 1996 
  • The Global business : four key marketing strategies  HF1416.G55 1993 
  • American businesses in China: Balancing culture and communication  HD2910.S74 2003
  • Marketing across cultures in Asia  ( HF1416.G437 2002 )
  • Intellectual property and doing business in China  KNQ1155.Y357 2003
  • Background Notes
  • Chinese Business World
  • China Statistical Information Network
  • Embassy of the People's Republic of China
  • Internet Public Library: China Newspapers
  • Governments on the WWW:  China
  • Library of Congress Country Study
  • Country Commercial Guide
  • Shanghai Composite Index (Yahoo Finance)
  • TradePort 

Basic background information covering the labor force, languages, ethnicity, and education

Statistical information from the government of China

Provides statistics for the country in the areas of Agriculture, Crime, Education, Food, Lifestyle, and much more. References are included for each statistic.

Social and Economic data for the country

Gives a good general background of the country, including information on communications, defense, the economy, flags, maps, geography, the people, government, military, and transportation.


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