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Country Guide: Costa Rica

Costa Rica Flag

For more resources on international business practices, visit the International Business Resources or Country Guides Information.

  • International business etiquette. what you need to know to conduct business abroad with charm and savvy  HF5389.3.L3S22 2000 
  • Doing business with Latin America  HD1393.4.L29D65 1996
  • Background Notes
    Provides information on geographic entities and international organizations. Information includes basic country profile, people and history, government and political conditions, economy, defense, foreign relations, and travel and business information.   From the U.S. Dept. of State.
  • Central Bank of Costa Rica
  • Country Commercial Guide
    From the U.S. Dept. of State. Detailed overview of doing business in another country, including economic trends & outlook, political environment, marketing U.S. products & services, leading export sectors, trade regulations & standards, investment climate, trade financing, business travel, trade statistics, and contact information. 
  • Embassy of Costa Rica
  • Internet Public Library:  Costa Rican Newspapers
  • Ministry of Economy, Industry, and Commerce
    In Spanish.
  • Tradeport
    Includes country overview, market research reports, trade information, key contacts, travel and culture, industry sector analysis reports, and other related Web sites.
  • World Factbook
    Gives a good general background of the country, including information on communications, defense, the economy, flags, maps, geography, the people, government, military, and transportation. 


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