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Country Guide: Germany

For more resources on international business practices, visit the International Business Resources or Country Guides Information.

  • Doing Business with Germany 3rd ed.   HG5492.D64 2002
  • Banks, finance and investments in Germany  HG3048.E38 1994
  • OECD economic surveys: Germany  HC286.6 .O73 1995-96
  • East Germany : a country study   Government Documents D 101.22:550-155/987
  • Germany : a country study  Government Documents D 101.22:550-173/996
  • International Encyclopedia of Business & Management Reference HF1001.I53 1996 v.1
    Volume 1 of this set entries on accounting in various countries, including Australia, central and eastern Europe, France, Germany, Japan, the UK, USA, and a general entry on international accounting that includes several countries.
  • The history of the German public accounting profession  HF5616.G3M3713 1997
  • Wirtschafts-kommunikation Deutsch [kit] Media Kit - Lower Level PF3120.C7W67 2000
  • World Factbook
    Gives a good general background of a country, including information on communications, defense, the economy, flags, maps, geography, the people, government, and transportation.
  • Library of Congress Country Study
    Describes and analyzes political, economic, social, and national security systems and institutions of foreign countries. This site focuses on the people who make up the society, their origins, beliefs, and values, their common interests, and the nature and extent of their involvement with national institutions, etc.
  • Background Notes
    Provides information on geographic entities and international organizations. Information includes basic country profile, people and history, government and political conditions, economy, defense, foreign relations, and travel and business information.  From the U.S. Dept. of State.
  • Country Commercial Guide
    Presents information about countries' commercial environments. Information is provided on a country's economic trends and outlook, political environment, marketing U.S. products and services, leading sectors for U.S. exports and investments, trade regulations and standards, investment climate, and trade and project financing. From the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs.  (Access current CCGs through or NTDB.)
  • Federal Statistics Office of Germany
  • Germany Facts and Figures (From NationMaster)

Provides statistics for the country in the areas of Agriculture, Crime, Education, Food, Lifestyle, and much more. References are included for each statistic.

Basic background information covering the labor force, languages, ethnicity, and education

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