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Accessing Newspapers and Magazines
Scope:  This guide is a selection of links useful for accessing leading newspapers and magazines. Many of these resources may be available only to WSU students, faculty, and staff.  

Table of Contents:

Library Access

Library Home page to use for accessing resources owned by the Stewart Library

Use this link for searching available newspapers, magazines, and scholarly journals that are available through the Stewart Library. Enter the title of next to the box labeled "Title Begins With." For Example: Wall Street Journal



Contains full-text access to National and International Newspapers. Including: The Washington Post, New York Times, Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, and many others.

Provides Direct Access to this newspaper.

Contains access to a range of U.S. and International Newspapers. Some which may not be included in Proquest Newspapers, such as the Chicago Tribune.



  • ABI Inform

Divided into three databases

ABI/Inform Dateline

Contains news and analysis of local markets from major business publications, magazines and localnewspapers.

ABI/Inform Global

Provides access to a variety of business periodicals worldwide. Useful for getting in depth scholarly information.

ABI/Inform Trade & Industry

Contains business periodicals with a trade and industry focus. Users of this database may get industry information, competitive markets, marketing trends and more.

ABI/Inform databases may be searched individually or combined. To combine databases select one of them then click on the link "Databases Selected", check each of the desired databases and click "Continue."

Periodical database devoted to a variety of business topics. Many articles available in full-text.

Contains citations to journal articles, books, and other papers in Economics. This does not contain full-text.

Provides access to a variety of newspapers, journals, and other business publications.


Research Assistance

If you need further assistance or have any questions you may:

  • Stop at the Reference Desk located on the middle level at the north end of the library
  • Call the Reference Desk at (801) 626-6415 or Toll free (877) 306-3140
  • Click on Live Assistant from the Library Home Page
  • Email the Reference Desk at

Or contact the Business & Economics Librarian


Updated March 7, 2006 . Please send comments to Ed Hahn
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