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Research Guide: Accounting & Tax

Scope: This guide is a selected list of resources that will be useful for locating tax and accounting.&; These resources include print materials available in the Stewart Library, and electronic resources, some of which may be available only to WSU students, faculty, and staff.

Table of Contents


Domestic Annual Reports/Financial Information

For publicly-held corporations, the two most commonly published sources of information are:

1) Annual reports to the shareholders. include descriptions of the company's operations, goals and financial statistics. Publicly owned companies are required to file annual reports with the SEC. These reports are excellent sources of detailed information about the operations of these companies.
2) SEC Reports (10-K Reports) - the official financial reports filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.Information in the annual report is often duplicated from the 10K. This is one of the most comprehensive sources of company information.
  • EDGAR Database
    Click on Search for Company Filings, then Companies and other Filers to look up forms for a specific company. The Descriptions of SEC Forms link will give short descriptions of the most common corporate filings made with the SEC. Filings are posted to this site 24 hours after the date of filing.
  • FreeEDGAR
    Requires free registration to access reports.  Search by ticker or company name.  
  • Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe
    Select the 'Business' category from the main menu, then choose 'SEC Filings & Reports'. Search by company name, SIC, or ticker symbol.
  • Annual Report Gallery
    Many reports available in PDF format
  • Public Register's Annual Report Service
  • Annual Report Service


  • How to read a financial report:  Wriging vital signs out of the numbers  HF5681.B2T733 2004
  • How to read a financial report:  Wriging vital signs out of the numbers  Davis Campus HF5681.B2T733 1999
  • Tips for Reading an Annual Report
  • The Analysis and Use of Financial Statements HF5681.B2W4678 1998
    A good reference on how to use and interpret the footnotes. (It is a good idea when analyzing financial statements to check the "footnotes" for explanations on how various numbers were contrived.)
  • Financial statement analysis HF5681.B2B46 2001
  • How to Use Financial Statements: A Guide to the Numbers HF5681.B2B285 1994
    A good source for novice investors or accountants to understand the balance sheet.

Company Lists/Rankings

Many periodicals publish company lists. This listing contains only a few selected sites. Select Price's List of Lists to access more.


Accounting & Tax Databases & Electronic Journals


  • CCH Tax Research Network - Searchable full-text coverage of primary/secondary federal/state tax publications. Includes: Internal Revenue Code, Federal Income Tax Reporter, IRS Publications, Federal Tax Regulations, Federal & State tax cases, legislative and news items. Coverage is from 1978 - present. Must have a password to use.
  • RIA: Checkpoint Tax Database - Provides information pertaining to complex tax, accounting and bank trust issues. Must have a password to use.
  • CCH Internet Tax Research Network (Securities)
  • Lexis/Nexis
    To access accounting journals and literature in Lexis, select 'Business' from the main menu, then 'Accounting'. Includes AICPA publications, GAAP guides, Miller European Guide, and others.
  • ABI/Inform
    Coverage includes accounting, advertising, business conditions, economics, finance, trends, corporate strategies, management techniques, marketing, taxation, and product information. Selected full-text. Early 80's-date.
  • Business Source Premier
    Coverage includes management, economics, finance, accounting, and international business topics. Selected full-text
  • FARS: Financial Accounting Research System
    This database is available on-campus only.  Look for the FARS icon available in the library reference terminals or Wattis building computer labs. Includes full-text original pronouncements, current text, EITF Abstracts, Implementation Guides, and a topical index.


Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

  • Dictionary of Taxation Reference HJ2305.J328 1998
  • Dictionary of Accounting Reference HF5621 .D53 1999
  • Handbook on Taxation Reference HJ2362 .H36 1999
  • Dictionary of Accounting Terms Reference HF5621 .S54 1995
  • International Encyclopedia of Business & Management Reference HF1001.I53 1996 v.1
    Volume 1 of this set entries on accounting in various countries, including Australia, central and eastern Europe, France, Germany, Japan, the UK, USA, and a general entry on international accounting that includes several countries.
  • The international dictionary of accounting acronyms Reference HF5621.M67 1998
  • Encyclopedic dictionary of accounting and finance Reference HF1001.S525 1989

Accounting Ethics

  • Accounting ethics  HF5625.15.D87 2003
  • Ethics for CPAs:  Meeting expectations in challenging times  HF5625.15.G89 2003
  • Unaccountable:  How the accounting profession forfeited a public trust  HF5625.15.B74 2003
  • Ethics and the CPA:  Building trust and value-added services  HF5387.C33 1999
  • Ethical issues in accounting  HF5625.15.E85 1998


Tax Resources

  • Tax Management Portfolios Reference Table 6 KF6289.A1T35
  • Business Operations in [name of country] Reference Table 6 KF6289.A1T35
  • Federal taxation refresher course quizzer KF6272.5.C592
  • Income taxation of trusts and estates Reference Table 6 KF6289.A1T35 no.852-2nd
  • International taxation : corporate and individual KF6445.P67 1994
  • Tax & Accounting Sites
    This meta-site site presents two simple tables with links to tax and accounting sites. Academic focus.
  • FTA State Tax Rates and Structure
    Provides tables comparing the tax rates and structure for all fifty U.S. states. State income, sales,
  • and excise taxes are covered along with other related items.
  • Tax Forms
  • Americans for Fair Taxation
    A non-profit, diverse, non-partisan, inclusive organization dedicated to replacing our current, complicated federal income tax system with a simple, single rate National Retail Sales Tax.
  • Tax History Museum
    Online museum covering American tax history from 1660 to the present. Divided into chronological periods, each exhibit contains a narrative history of American taxes, complete with images of documents, portraits of some of the key figures, and illustrations.
  • U.S. Tax Code Online
  • Income Tax Law
    From Cornell University, this site provides a background of taxation from the U.S. Constitution, Federal Statutes, Federal Regulations, Federal Judicial Decisions, State Statutes & Judicial Decisions, and other relevant information.
  • Tax Resources on the Web
    This site provides tax topics by category.
    Contains federal and state income tax forms, links to state Department of Revenue sites, current news for tax professionals, general tax info for current year.
  • Resources on Taxation of Electronic Commerce
  • Overview of Internet Taxation. A PDF Guide
    December 2000. By Annette Nellen, CPA
  • E-Commerce Tax Links
    By Annette Nellen. Includes background papers on E-commerce taxation issues, statistics, work being done on the issues by various groups, and several points to consider in examining how various tax rules should (or should not) apply to e-commerce. Below are various links to several other e-commerce taxation papers, and well as legislative information.

Accounting Boards & Organizations

General Accounting Web Sites

  • Utah Association of CPA's
    Contains Utah accounting information, including career information, resources for small businesses, governmental resources, finance and stock market information, calculators, and tax resources. A good explanation of the sites contents is provided on the home page.
  • Rutger's Accounting Web
    One of the largest accounting sites on the Internet. Included is information about professional associations, journals and publications, FASB, EDGAR, software, international publishers, accounting education, and homepages of accounting professors, to name a few.
    Choose the Accounting Directory, Business Directory, Investment Directory, or Tax Directory for a list of relevant sites.
  • Price Waterhouse Coopers Global
    PricewaterhouseCoopers serves clients in both mature markets and developing regions globally. Select a country from the pull down menu to learn more their practices in countries around the world.
  • Venture Capital Resource Library
    This site provides links to venture capitalists, law firms, accounting firms, investment banks, and securities regulators, among others. There are informative articles about investment practices, a collection of texts of SEC and UCC rules and regulations, a business plan template, and a form for submitting a business plan for evaluation and possible forwarding to venture capital firms.
  • Tax & Accounting Sites
    This meta-site site presents two simple tables with links to tax and accounting sites. Academic focus.

The Accounting Profession

*(See Country Guides for Accounting Profession Books on individual countries)

  • Best resumes for accountants and financial professionals Reference Table 1B HF5627.M33 1994
  • Careers in public accounting HF5616.U5C29
  • Careers in accounting HF5616.U5G39 1998

Research Assistance

GET STARTED EARLY!  If you can find it, we can get it, but you need to start your research early.  You might find some really great stuff that is not available in full text, or articles from journals that we don't have access to.  If this is the case, all you have to do is fill out the online article request form, and it will be sent to the WSU library for you to pick up.    These things might take a few days or a week.

  • If you STILL can't find exactly what you need, or have questions...
    • CALL the Reference desk at:  626-6514
    • CLICK on the Live assistance button for real time help during library hours.
    • Email us at
    • or COME IN! The Reference Desk is on the main floor, North.


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