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Research Guide: MBA 6140

Analysis of Dell Computer:

Some of the information you will find out about Dell will include:

  • The company and it's competitors
  • The main industry players, their websites and financial information
  • Market shares
  • Trends in the industry
  • Current news from newspapers, magazines, journals, and trade journals


Many databases use different search terms.  Here are a few suggestions:

  • computer industry
  • software industry
  • hardware
  • hardware industry 
  • information technology hardware 
  • computer hardware
  • dell computer corp.

Reference Books:

  • Encyclopedia of American Industries  Reference Table 6 HC102 .E53 1998
    Volume I covers Manufacturing Industries, and Volume II covers Service and Non-manufacturing Industries. Both volumes arranged by SIC code. Entries include an industry snapshot, organization and structure, background and development, current conditions, and industry leaders. Also includes a bibliography for further reading.
  • Market Share Reporter  Reference Table 6  HF5410.M35
    Covers product and service categories in all industries.  Data is obtained from trade journals, new letters, business magazines, and newspapers, and analysts' reports.  Arrangement is by 2-digit SIC grouping, with indexes by subject, company, geographic area, and information source.
  • Moody's/Mergent Industry Review  Reference Table 6  HG 4961 .M68
    Provides comparative financial data by industry for approximately 3,500 companies.
  • Standard & Poor's Industry Surveys  
    Analysis of current and historical trends on an industry basis.  Current edition available online via Standard & Poor's NetAdvantage 
  • U.S. Industry and Trade Outlook  Reference Table 6 Govt Doc C 61:48
    Includes hundreds of industry reviews, analyses, and forecasts for a wide range of industries.
  • Plunkett's InfoTech Industry Almanac  Reference Table 6  HD9696.C63U5287
  • Dun and Bradstreet/Gale industry reference handbooks Reference Table 6  
    Compilation of information on specific industries. Includes recent statistics and descriptive information about the industry. Industries covered include Entertainment, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Computers and software, Telecommunications, and Health and medical services. 

For a complete list of reference books, internet sources, and databases on company & industry research, consult the Company & Industry Information website.


Journal Title

Call Number

Electronic Access

  • Byte
QA1.B9 Business Source Premier
  • Computerworld
HD1.C738 Business Source Premier, ABI/Inform
  • Datamation
HF1.D23242  ABI/Inform (thru 1998)
  • Forbes ASAP
  • Information Today
QA1.I43  Business Source Premier, ABI/Inform
  • PC Computing
QA1.P3483  Business Source Premier (thru 4/30/00)
  • PC Magazine 
QA1.P4672  Business Source Premier
  • PC Today
  • PC World
QA1.P386  Lexis, Business Source Premier
  • PC Week
Business Source Premier (through 5/7/00)
  • Wall Street Journal
HG1.W187  (microfilm) ABI/Inform

Some business periodicals have special issues dedicated to computer issues.  A few of these include:

  • Datamation  (HF1.D23242)
    issue:  Computer Industry Outlook 
    issue:  Worldwide PC Big 50

  • Computerworld  (HD1.C738)
    issue:  CW Forecast (a look ahead at the computer world) 

  • FW (Financial World)  (HG1.F4917)
    issue:  Computers:  Global Report and 50 Largest Publicly Traded Computer Companies

  • Byte  (QA1.B9)
    January issue:  Years Best Products (Byte Awards)

General Collection Books

  • Direct from Dell : strategies that revolutionized an industry.  Michael Dell with Catherine Fredman.    
    Located on the Lower Level- Electronic Reserve 
  • One to one B2B:  Customer development strategies for the business-to-business world  HF5422.P38 2001 
    Don Peppers and Martha Rogers.
    Includes a chapter on Dell Corporation and how they have redefined their business in the context of B2B.

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