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Research Guide: BA 4780


Analysis of Home Depot:

Some of the information you will find out about Home Depot will include:

  • The company and it's competitors
  • The main industry players, their websites and financial information
  • Market shares
  • Trends in the industry
  • Current news from newspapers, magazines, journals, and trade journals


Many databases use different search terms.  Here are a few suggestions:

  • home improvement industry
  • building materials industry
  • home improvement centers
  • home furnishings industry 
  • home furnishings industry and trade
  • home depot 
  • home improvement retail

Reference Books:

  • Encyclopedia of American Industries  Reference Table 6 HC102 .E53 1998
    Volume I covers Manufacturing Industries, and Volume II covers Service and Non-manufacturing Industries. Both volumes arranged by SIC code. Entries include an industry snapshot, organization and structure, background and development, current conditions, and industry leaders. Also includes a bibliography for further reading.
  • Market Share Reporter  Reference Table 6  HF5410.M35
    Covers product and service categories in all industries.  Data is obtained from trade journals, new letters, business magazines, and newspapers, and analysts' reports.  Arrangement is by 2-digit SIC grouping, with indexes by subject, company, geographic area, and information source.
  • Moody's/Mergent Industry Review  Reference Table 6  HG 4961 .M68
    Provides comparative financial data by industry for approximately 3,500 companies.
  • Standard & Poor's Industry Surveys  
    Analysis of current and historical trends on an industry basis.  Current edition available online via Standard & Poor's NetAdvantage 
  • U.S. Industry and Trade Outlook  Reference Table 6 Govt Doc C 61:48
    Includes hundreds of industry reviews, analyses, and forecasts for a wide range of industries.

For a complete list of reference books, internet sources, and databases on company & industry research, consult the Company & Industry Information website.


Journal Title Call Number Electronic Access
  • National Home Center News
TS1.N277 Lexis-Nexis
  • Wall Street Journal
HG1.W187  (microfilm) ABI/Inform
  • Home Improvement Market
not available at Stewart Library in print Lexis
  • Journal of Marketing
HF1.J862 Business Source Premier, ABI/Inform, Lexis
  • Harvard Business Review
HF1.H339   Business Source Premier
  • Marketing Management
not available at Stewart Library in print ABI/Inform, Business Source Premier
  • Business Week
HF1.B9799 Lexis, Business Source Premier
  • Home Textiles Today
not available at Stewart Library in print ABI/Inform, Business Source Premier


Some business periodicals have special issues dedicated to home improvement issues.  A few of these include:

  • Building Supply Home Centers  
    January issue: 
    Economic Outlook
    February issue: 
    Retailer Giants (top 350+ building supply retailing firms ranked by sales volume)

  • National Home Center News  (TS1.N277)
    May issue:
      Distributor scoreboard (home center industry overview:  building material distributors and buyer groups)
    May issue:  Retail scoreboard (home center retail industry articles)
    May issue:  World Powers (international home center retail industry; includes rankings of top foreign companies by sales)
    May issue:  Top 500 home improvement retailers (ranked by sales)
    June issue:  consumer attitudes survey (home center industry consumers)

  • Home Improvement Center
    January issue:
      hot picks
    December issue:  consumer panel outlook survey

Internet Sites


General Colletion Books:

  • Retailing triumphs and blunders : Victims of competition in the new age of marketing management.  Ronald D. Michman, Alan J. Greco.      Includes a section on:  Home improvement centers: a new powerhouse    
    Located on the 2nd Floor  HF5429.M483 1995 

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