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Research Guide: Business Directories

Table of Contents:


Online Directories

Many periodicals publish company lists. This listing contains only a few selected sites. Select Price's List of Lists to access more.

  • Thomas Register of American Manufacturers 
    Includes 155,000 companies and enables users to find "who makes what" and filter results by multiple US States, Canadian provinces and by product descriptions. Also included are detailed company/service and product information. 
  • World Preferred
    Formerly the Globus Registry.  Lists public AND private companies achieving ISO certification.

  • Global Recycling Network
    Click on Company Directories to identify one of approximately 5000 companies in the recycling industry.  

    To "identify suppliers, order worldwide standards, military specifications, millions of parts and hard to find historical data."

  • General Directories
    (Phone, email, zip code, area code)



Print Directories

  • Ward's business directory of U.S. private and public companies  Reference Table 6 HG4057.A575 2001 
    Excellent source for private companies.
  • American Big Business Directory    Reference Table 6   HF5035 .A49 1999
    Includes over 193,000 organizations with 100 or more employees. Organized alphabetically by company name, city, SIC code, or top executives.
  • American Manufacturers Directory   Reference Table 6   HD9723 .U27 2000
    Provides address, phone number, number of employees, sales, credit rating, and SIC code for over 166,000 organizations with 20 or more employees indexed alphabetically, by city, and by SIC code.
  • Directory of American Firms Operating in Foreign Countries   Reference Table 6 HG4538.A1D5
    Contains basic directory information for American firms operating abroad. Entries contain phone, fax, principle product/service, number of employees, and countries with subsidiaries or affiliates. Vol.1 lists firms in alphabetical order, Vols. 2 and 3 list firms by country.
  • Directory of Corporate Affiliations   Reference Table 6   HG4057 .A217
    Useful for finding parent companies of divisions, subsidiaries and affiliates for private and public companies. Includes addresses, number of employees, names of top executives, and indexes by geographic location, type of business, and brand names.
  • Directory of International Economic Organizations   HF1418.5 .S37 1997
  • Utah Business Directory   Reference Table 6  HF5065.U8U78
    Four sections include businesses by city, businesses by yellow page category, major employers, and manufacturers by city and product.
  • Walker's Manual of Western Corporations  Reference Table 6  HG5128 .C2 W2 1995
    Provides brief company profiles for publicly owned corporations headquartered in the thirteen western states, including contact information, SIC's, brief company description, subsidiaries, ownership, and stock data. All companies in this manual trade on the NYSE, AMSE, or NASDAQ.
  • Directory of Franchising Organizations  Reference Table 6  HF5429.3 .D5 1998
    Lists over 1300 current franchises in 45 categories. Provides short description, amount of investment required, and contact information.
  • State of Utah Global Business Directory  Reference Table 6  HF5065 .U8 U8 1997
    A directory of Utah exporters. Includes contact information, Internet address, number of employees, date established, product description, and export regions. The beginning of the directory includes sections on Utah's economy, a Utah business brief, and export figures.
  • Standard & Poor's Register of Corporations, Directors, and Executives  Reference Table 6  HG4057 .S57 1999
    Listing of over 55,000 public and private U.S., Canadian and major international businesses.
    Provides titles and duties of all leading officers, executives, department heads and technical
    personnel, annual sales and number of employees. Volume 2 includes biographies for more than 70,000 high-level executives.
  • Service Industries USA : Industry Analyses, Statistics, and Leading Organizations  Reference Table 5B  HD9981.1 .S47
    Covers service industries (SIC 7011-8999). Part I is organized by SIC and includes an industry description, general statistics, indices of change, selected ratios, leading companies, nonprofit organizations, occupations, maps, and state-level statistics. Part II provides tables for metropolitan statistical areas and is organized alphabetically by metro area. Data is placed in SIC order for each table. Includes indexes by SIC, service, company, nonprofit organization, metropolitan area, and occupation.
  • Wholesale and Retail Trade USA: Industry Analyses, Statistics, and Leading Organizations   Reference Table 6  HF5421.U5W56 1995
    Covers wholesale (5012-5199) and retail distribution (5200-5999) industries. Part I is  organized by SIC and includes general statistics, indices of change, selected ratios, leading companies, occupations, maps, and state-level statistics. Part II provides tables for cities and metro areas, organized alphabetically by city or metro area. Data is placed in SIC order for each table. Includes indexes by SIC, subject, company, city, and occupation.
  • Encyclopedia of American Industries  Reference Table 6  HC102 .E53 1998
    Volume I covers Manufacturing Industries, and Volume II covers Service and Non-manufacturing Industries. Both volumes arranged by SIC code. Entries include an industry snapshot, organization and structure, background and development, current conditions, and industry leaders. Also includes a bibliography for further reading.
  • Manufacturing USA : Industry Analyses, Statistics, and Leading Organizations  Reference Table 6  HD9721 .M364 1998
    Covers manufacturing, wholesale trade, and the retail sector. Vol. I covers Manufacturing by SIC code and begins Vol. II, Manufacturing by NAICS code. Vol. III completes Vol. II and begins Wholesale and Retail Industries by SIC code. Most entries include trends, general statistics, indices of change selected ratios, leading companies, materials consumed, product share details, occupations employed, maps, and industry data by state.
  • Utah Directory of Business & Industry  Reference Table 6 HD  9727 .U8 U82
    Also available on the Internet:
  • Hoovers Handbooks:
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