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Research Guide: ECON: 4980 Research Methods

Table of Contents:


Library Links

Used to locate any resource available through the Stewart Library (

  • Live Assistance

Resource to provide reference assistance in an online environment available at the top of the library home page.

Provides assistance on accessing and using library resources including Off Campus Access to library databases.

Index to all items owned by the library including books, government documents, magazines, newspapers, and videos & DVDs. Does not provide access to newspaper articles.

Provides access to Stewart Library Databases on a variety of subjects. Click here for access to Business & Economics databases or go to the next section for specific databases.

Used to determine if the library has a journal or newspaper publication.

Used for requesting resources from other libraries. Requires first time users to create a profile and to login.

Provides access to electronic documents on reserve

Links to other academic and public libraries in Utah

Library Databases

(Note: Library Databases may be access from the library home page through the Database Finder. Access is restricted to Weber State University Students, Faculty, and Staff)

References and citations of books, journal articles, dissertations, and papers on economic topics.

Full text journal article archives covering economics, science, listerature, and other subjects.

Searchable database of 1800 periodicals covering business and economic conditions. Includes management, advertising, marketing, economics, finance, and taxation.

Database containing publications of local and regional business news including public and private companies, local start-ups, marketing, finance, and industry news.

Searchable database containing more than 750 periodicals and newsletters focusing on trade or industry. Contains publications on industries including: finance, insurance, transportation, and construction.

Database covering Economics, Management, Finance, Accounting, and International Business.

Provides coverage on regional business activities and trends from regional publications, Business Wire, and major newspapers.

Multi-use database including business resources consisting of newspapers, journals, and wires and transcripts.

Contains full text of many leading newspapers including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Financial Times, and the local Salt Lake Tribune

Full text access to newspaper containing news, business, and financial information.

General academic database covering a variety of subjects.



(Note: Many journals may also be accessed electronically, check EJournals for availability)

  • American economic review  HB1.A512 
  • Business economics : The journal of the National Association of Business Economists  HB1.B97 
  • Canadian journal of economics  H1.C2122 
  • Econometrica : Journal of the Econometric Society  HB1.E193 
  • Economic journal : The quarterly journal of the Royal Economic Society  HB1.E192 
  • Journal of economic issues  HB1.J864 
  • The Journal of political economy  HB1.J865 
  • Quarterly journal of economics  HB1.Q1 
  • Southern economic journal  HB1.S727
  • Quarterly review of economics and finance  HB1 .Q172
  • Review of Economics and Statistics   HB1.R454

Citing Sources & Plagiarism Guides

  • Citing Information (University of Colorado at Boulder)
  • Citing Sources (Cornell University)
  • MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers

By Joseph Gibaldi. Six Edition (2003) Available in the Stewart Library Reference Area

  • Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, Fifth Edition (2005)

Available in the Stewart Library Reference Area

  • The Chicago Manual of Style (The University of Chicago Press) - Provides examples of Chicago-Style documentation
  • The Chicago Manual of Style, 15th Edition (2003) Available in the Stewart Library Reference Area
  • Plagiarism Guide (Weber State University's guide to understanding plagiarism and Information Ethics)

Handbooks in Economics Series

  • Handbook of mathematical economics  v1-4  HB135.H357 
  • Handbook of econometrics  v1-3  HB139.H36 
  • Handbook of international economics  v1-2  HF1411.H257
  • Handbook of public economics  v1-2  HJ141.H36 
  • Handbook of labor economics  v1-2  HD4802.H36
  • Handbook of natural resource and energy economics  v1-2  HD9502.A2H257
  • Handbook of regional and urban economics  v1-2  HT391.3.H36
  • Handbook of monetary economics  v1-2  HG221.H24
  • Handbook of development economics  v1-2  HD82.H275 
  • Handbook of industrial organization  v1-2  HD2326.H28 
  • Handbook of game theory with economic applications  v2  HB144.H36

Time Series Data

International Library of Critical Writings in Economics Series

  • Monetary theory  HG221.M8154 1990 
  • Urban and regional economics  HT321.U275 1991 
  • Exchange rate economics  v1-2  HG3851.E89 1992 
  • The economic value of education : studies in the economics of education  LC65.E253 1992 
  • Development economics  v1-4  HD75.D486 1992 
  • The New classical macroeconomics  v1-3  HB172.5.N49 1992 
  • The economics of the environment  HC110.E5E255 1992 
  • The Economics of institutions   HB99.5.E255 1993 
  • Economic anthropology  GN488.E26 1998 
  • Multinational corporations   HD2755.5.M824 1990 
  • The Economics of innovation  HD45.E26 1990 
  • Entrepreneurship  HB615.E623 1990 
  • International investment  HG4538.I547 1990 
  • Game theory in economics  HB144.G375 1990 
  • The history of economic thought  HB75.H545 1990 
  • Monetary theory  HG221.M8154 1990 
  • Joint production of commodities  HB241.J65 1990 
  • Industrial organization  HD2326.I517 1990 
  • Growth theory  v1-3  HD75.G77 1991 
  • Microeconomics : theoretical and applied v1-3  HB172.M62 1991 
  • The Economics of health   v1-2  R728.E28 1991 
  • Recent developments in macroeconomics  v1-3  HB172.5.R417 1991 
  • Modern public finance  v1-2  HJ141.M63 1991 
  • Evolutionary economics  HB97.3.E95 1993 

Reference Books

  • The New Palgrave : A Dictionary of Economics  HB61 .N49 1998
  • The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics and the law   K487.E3N48 1998
  • Who's Who in Economics   HB76.W47 1999
  • Guide to Economic Indicators   HC103.F9 2000
  • Biographical Dictionary of Dissenting Economists   HB76.B5 1992
  • Gale Encyclopedia of U.S. Economic History    v1-2 HC102.G35 1999
  • Dictionary of Economics   HB61.R93 1992
  • A Dictionary of Economics   (Electronic Resource)
  • Dictionary of Economics   (Electronic Resource)
  • Finding and Using Economic Information: A Guide to Sources and Interpretation   HC106.J63 1993
  • Encyclopedia of Political Economy  HB61.E554 1999 
  • Economic Indicators Handbook  Reference Table 5B  HC103.E26 1998 

Web Resources

This web site contains daily eceonomic news, data, and analysis from around the world. Included are links to various news sources, government agencies, and organizations, as well as links to articles about economic policy. A glossary contains a collection of economic terms.

Provides information regarding economic indicators as well as some analysis and forcasts including Consumer Confidence, GDP, Inflation, and Consumer spending. Some parts of the site are fee based.

This website is an organization of 184 member countries. The services included are monetary cooperation, promoting international trade, high enemployment, economic growth, and poverty reduction.



Research Assistance

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