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Research Guide: International Marketing Resources

Scope:  This guide is a guide to print and electronic resources useful for locating information on international marketing topics.  These resources include print materials available in the Stewart Library, and electronic resources, some of which may be available only to WSU students, faculty, and staff. 

See also:  International Business Resources,and Statistics & Demographics

Table of Contents


General Resources on International Marketing Topics

  • Market Share Reporter  (Reference Table 6) HF5410.M35

Market Share Reporter Example

  • Billions: Selling to the New Chinese Consumer HF5415.33.C6.D63
  • All the Tea in China: How to Buy, Sell, and Make Money on the Mainland HF3128.H34
  • Leveraging Japan: Marketing to the New Asia HF5415.12.J3.F54
  • Argentina Business: The Portable Encyclopedia for Doing Business with Argentina HC175.A844
  • Mexico Business: The Portable Encyclopedia for Doing Business with Mexico HC135.M54534
  • Internet Resources and Services for International Marketing and Advertising  HF546.C69 2002
  • Dun & Bradstreet's Guide to Doing Business Around the World  (Reference) HF1416.M78 2001
  • Handbook of International Market Research Techniques  HF5415.2 .H32 2000
  • A Short course in International Marketing: Approaching and Penetrating the Global Marketplace HF1416.C87 1999 
    Topics include assessment and planning, determining products' suitability for the international marketplace, product adaptation, market-entry barriers, developing an international presence, market-entry strategies, the role of cultural forces, marketing mistakes based on cultural issues, customer support, ethics, marketing plans, and others.
  • International business negotiations   
    HD58.6.I58 1996 
  • Bargaining across borders : how to negotiate business successfully anywhere in the world  
    HD58.6.F67 1992 
  • Stat-USA
    U.S. Dept. of Commerce.  Allows access to "current and historical trade related releases, international market research, trade opportunities and country analysis." Includes the National Trade Data Bank- see below. Some of this database requires a password- ask at Reference Desk for help.
  • NTDB (National Trade Databank)
    "The NTDB provides access to Country Commercial Guides, Market Research reports, Best Market reports and other programs. The International Trade Library is a comprehensive collection of over 40,000 documents related to international trade. All are full text searchable, as well as key word searchable by country or product."  Some of this database requires a password- ask at Reference Desk for help.

Library Databases

Produces more than 600 reports of European and US consumer markets (Requires profile setup before accessing)

Contains a wide variety of academic and trade quality publications that are useful for International Marketing

Provides easy access to Company Profiles, Industry Profiles, Country Reports, and Market Research Reports

  • ABI/Inform Databases - divided into:

    Contains a wide variety of academic and trade publications that are useful for International Marketing (Includes publications such as the Wall Street Journal)

    Contains business periodicals with a Trade and Industry Focus

  • Proquest Newspapers

Contains full text access to major US and International Newspapers including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Financial Times

The ABI/Inform databases and Proquest Newspapers may be searched individually or collectively.

Country Profiles/Cultures

  • Europa World Yearbook   Reference Table 5A  JN102.E852
    Provides a detailed profile on each country with a good statistical survey on key economic statistics. 
  • World Factbook  (Online)
    Gives a good general background of a country, including information on communications, defense, the economy, flags, maps, geography, the people, government, and transportation. Print copy also available on Reference Table 5B in the library
  • Library of Congress Country Studies  (Online)
    Describes and analyzes political, economic, social, and national security systems and institutions of foreign countries. This site focuses on the people who make up the society, their origins, beliefs, and values, their common interests, and the nature and extent of their involvement with national institutions, etc. Scroll down to the bottom of the main page to browse the table of contents by country.  
  • Culturegrams   Reference Table 5A  GT150.C85 
    Handy summary of practical information for the traveler; touches on the social customs and the economic, political and historical characteristics of the country useful for the visitor to know. 
  • Background Notes
    Provides information on geographic entities and international organizations. Information includes basic country profile, people and history, government and political conditions, economy, defense, foreign relations, and travel and business information.   From the U.S. Dept. of State.
  • Doing business in...    Reference K3827.5.D64
  • Statesman's Yearbook  Reference Table 5A JA51.S7 
  • Kiss, bow, or shake hands : how to do business in sixty countries   HF5389.M67 2006 
    Provides information on history, cultural orientation, negotiation tactics, business practices, business entertaining, forms of address, gestures, gifts, dress, and other value systems for each country 
  • Encyclopedia of World Cultures  Reference Table 5A  GN307.E53 1991 
    Volumes cover 1,500 cultures from around the world. Each entry includes information on cultural relations, kinship, marriage and family, religion, and a bibliography.
  • Global EDGE 
    From the Michigan State University Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER).



  • Exporters' Encyclopaedia   Reference Table 6  HF 3011.E9 
    A comprehensive guide to exporting, containing information on markets, regulation, documents, communications, and many other aspects of exporting. 
  • Importers Manual USA   Reference Table 6  HF3035.I45 1998
  • TradePort
    Comprehensive trade information, trade leads, and company databases. Presents lots of basic information for beginners.

Provides information from various government agencies on international business. Includes statistical information.

  • World Trade Almanac   Reference Table 6  HF 1371. W6815
    Includes information on importing/exporting, economic trends, international marketing, business culture, travel, legal, banking, and foreign exchange. Provides business profiles of 100 countries. 
  • Export Portal 
    From the U.S. Dept. of Commerce.   International trade assistance, events, trade statistics, tariffs and taxes, market research, NAFTA Rules of Origin, export documentation, financing and more.
  • Import/Export Directory 
    Current resources for banks & finance, carriers, chambers of commerce, country directories, embassies/consulates, international business resources and more.
  • International Trade Administration
    Provides a wide range of information to assist U.S. exporters and promote international trade.  Includes trade statistics and state export data.

Statistics, & Demographics

  • Market Share Reporter  HF5410.M35 (Reference Table 6)
  • International marketing data and statistics  (Reference Table 6)  HA42.I56
    Provides "trade and economic indicators for about 150 non-European countries of the world" 
  • Stat-USA
    U.S. Dept. of Commerce.  Allows access to "current and historical trade related releases, international market research, trade opportunities and country analysis." Includes the National Trade Data Bank- see below. Some of this database requires a password- ask at Reference Desk for help.
  • Consumer International  (Reference Table 6)  HC79.C6C636
  • Consumer Europe  (Reference Table 6)  HD7022.C68
  • The World Economic Factbook  (Reference Table 6)  HC59.15 .W67
  • Statistical Record of Women Worldwide  Reference Table 5B  HQ1150. S73 1995
    Covers a wide variety of sources, 60% U.S. and 40% international in origin, and some projections. Contents include attitude and opinions, business and economics, crime, domestic life, education, health, income spending and wealth, labor, military, population, public life, religion, sexuality, and sports and recreation.
  • USA Trade Online 
    U.S. export and import information on more than 18,000 commodities world wide. Library use only. Ask for password at the Reference Desk.

Contains large amounts of statistical information concerning labor. Information includes the Consumer Price Index, Productivity information, Demographic Characteristics of the Labor Force, the Occupational Outlook Handbook, and much more.

  • Statistical abstract of the world  Reference Table 5B HA154.S68
  • The Economist pocket world in figures, 1999  Reference Table 5B HA155.E26 1999
    Presents brief statistics in tabular form.  Includes world rankings and economic statistics for over 60 countries.
  • International Trade Statistics Yearbook HF91.Y42 Available at Reference Table 5B and General Collection


Media & Advertising Rates

These sources provide information about individual magazines, newspapers, radio and TV stations, cable and satellite systems, and web sites. These sources may provide information about circulation numbers, broadcast power and range, network affiliation, target audiences, physical formats, and rates charged for advertising.
  • Gale Directory of Publications and Broadcast Media  Reference Table 6A  PN4867. G3
    This source provides detailed information on newspapers, magazines, journals, radio stations, television stations, and cable systems. Volumes 1 and 2 list periodicals and broadcasters by city (organized by state and province). Addresses, phone numbers, frequency, physical layout, subscription rates, advertising rates, circulation, networks, wattage, and other data are listed where appropriate. Volume 3 provides the master index, tables and statistics; volume 4 provides regional market indexes by media type.
  • Europa World Yearbook   Reference Table 5A  JN102.E852
    In addition to detailed country profiles, this source also lists news, and broadcasting sources for each area.
  • Dataplace 
    From Advertising Age.  Provides lists of top magazines and circulation rankings.
  • Broadcasting & Cable Yearbook  Reference Table 6A  TK1.B86367 
    Covers television, cable, satellite broadcasting, and radio industries in the US and Canada. Includes twelve sections: A: industry overview plus a directory of group owners; B: directory of television stations by state and city, and TV market statistics; C: cable rankings by household and penetration percentage; D: directory of radio stations, call letter lists, radio formats by state, and radio market statistics; E: satellites and other services; F: programming services; G: technical services; H: brokers and professional services; I: associations, events, education, and awards; J: law, regulation, and government agencies.

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