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Research Guide: Marketing & Advertising

Scope:  This guide is a selected list of resources that will be useful for locating information on marketing and advertising.  These resources include print materials available in the Stewart Library, and electronic resources, some of which may be available only to WSU students, faculty, and staff.  

Table of Contents

Marketing Plans

  • The marketing plan  Ref HF5415.13.C6348 2001 
    Planning the development of a marketing plan;  Scanning your environment; Establishing goals and objectives; Developing marketing strategy; Developing marketing tactics; Forecasting for your marketing plan; Calculating important financial ratios for your marketing plan; Presenting the marketing plan; Implementation.
  • How to develop a strategic marketing plan : a step by step guide  HF5415.135.P33 2000 
    Strategic section;  Tactical section; The strategic marketing plan in action; Checklists for developing competitive strategies; Help topics.
  • Marketing plan handbook for business and e-business  (HF 5415.13 .W66 2003)
  • Marketing audit handbook: Tools, techniques & checklists to exploit your marketing resources (HF 5415.16 .W55 2002)
  • Preparing the marketing plan HF5415.13 .P3248 2000
  • Marketing on a tight budget : an action guide to low cost business growth HF5415.13.F67 2000
    (Chapter 11: The one hour marketing plan)
  • Anatomy of a business plan : a step-by-step guide to starting smart, building the business, and securing your company's future HD30.28.P5 1999
    (Part II: The marketing plan)
  • The Internet marketing plan HF5415.1265.B39 1997
  • How to write a successful marketing plan : a disciplined and comprehensive approach HF5415.13.H522 1990
  • The marketing plan, how to prepare & implement it HF 5415.L83 1982
  • Marketing your business: a guide to developing a strategic marketing plan  HF5415.135.N957 2003
  • The marketing plan : a step-by-step guide HF5415.13.W48 2002
  • Marketing plans that work  HF5415.13.M3154 2002
  • How come your marketing plans aren't working? : the essential guide to marketing planning   HF5415.13.M6 2002
  • Marketing plans : how to prepare them, how to use them   HF5415.13.M369183 1999
  • The market planning guide : creating a plan to successfully market your business, product, or service   HF5415.122.B36 2002
  • Marketing planning in a total quality environment   HF5415.13.L538 1995
  • How to Write a Marketing Plan
    This hyperlinks to an article on how to write a marketing plan for a library and information service.
  • Small Business Marketing:  How to Develop a Marketing Plan
    Includes sample marketing plans.
    Templates and samples of business and marketing plans.



Market & Demographic Statistical Sources

  • Demographics USA    Reference Table 5B HC110.C6S8472
    Covers population and race/ethnicity, age/sex groups, household related data, Effective Buying Income, and retail sales. Contains extensive maps and demographic, economic and commercial/industrial estimates. 
  • Mediamark research   HF5415.3.M43
    This survey provides detailed demographic and marketing segments of media audiences. The coverage is similar to the Simmons service. 
  • Official guide to American incomes  Reference Table 5B HC110.I5E87 1996
    Provides data on household, personal, and discretionary income, trends and household income projections, consumer spending, household wealth and net worth, poverty trends, and geography of income and poverty. 
  • Sourcebook of ZIP code demographics   Reference Table 5B  HA203.S66
    Includes statistical data on more than 150 characteristics such as age, race, income, households. Includes a mapbook of ZIP codes for metropolitan areas.
    An excellent tool for marketing information.  Put in a zip code as a search query and then insert a radius parameter to access a list of the zip codes within that radius. Also allows a search to calculate distances between different zip codes. 
  • International marketing data and statistics  HA42.I56 
  • Statistical Portrait of the United States: Social Conditions and Trends    Reference Table 5B   HA214 .S84  Contains 12 thematic chapters with tables and charts and an appendix with detailed tables. 
  • Population Abstract of the United States   Reference Table 5B  HA 202 B67 
    Information is organized alphabetically by state.  Each state section contains: a brief history of the formation of the state; a breakdown of urban and rural population from the earliest census to the present; current and historical population totals for all counties and incorporated places of 10,000 or more; and 1990 population totals for county subdivisions and places in the United States.
  • Statistical Abstract of the United States   
    Authoritative source of facts about the people, institutions and economy of the country. This is a publication of the Census Bureau and is compiled from government and private sources and is an excellent place to start when looking for statistics.  Covers a broad range of topics, mostly United States, but includes some international.   Most recent edition at the Reference Desk.  Older editions in Government Documents - AE 2.108/2.  
  • Stat USA  (Available only in the library)
    Full-text, federal statistics database.  Contains over 300,000 reports and statistical series of business and economic data including:  General Economic Indicators,  Housing & Construction, Employment, Manufacturing & Industry, Monetary Statistics,  Monetary Statistics, Today's Global Business Opportunity Leads, Current Exchange Rates, Current & Historical Trade Leads,  Market & Country Research,  International Trade Statistics,  Current Press Releases & more.
  • Censtats   
    A collection of statistical resources offered by the U.S. Census Bureau. Includes the following titles:  Annual Survey of Manufactures, Building Permits, Census Tract Street Locator, Consolidated Federal Funds Report, County Business Patterns, International Trade Data, Occupation by Race and Sex, USA Counties, Zip Code Business Patterns, and Financial Data for State and Local Governments and Schools.
  • Census 2000  
    Profiles of General Demographic Characteristics -  United States & All states by county and city.  Sex, Age, Race, Relationship, Household Type, & Housing Tenure.
  • American Factfinder  
    The Census Bureau's primary vehicle for distributing: 2000 Census of Population and Housing, 1997 Economic Census, American Community Survey, 1990 Census of Population and Housing.   You can use American FactFinder to find statistics about population, housing, industry and business. Currently includes: 2000 Census Population and Race Data, 1990 Census Basic and Detailed Tables,  American Community Survey 1996-99 1997 Economic Census, Data Basic Reference Maps (2000 and 1990 Geography) Thematic Maps (1990 Geography) &  Search Address Feature.  New 2000 census material is being included as it becomes available.    
  • FedStats  
    Official statistical information available to the public from the Federal Government. Tracks economic and population trends, health care costs, aviation safety, foreign trade, energy use, farm production, and more. Access official statistics collected and published by more than 70 Federal agencies without having to know in advance which agency produces them. Browse  by topic, agency or search for key words or phrases.  Use  MapStats to profile your State, county, Federal judicial district, or congressional district.


These resources cover demographic and market research on particular types of people, or people who share a certain lifestyle (ie. gender groups, racial and ethnic groups, religious groups, etc.)

  • Statistical Record of Women Worldwide  Reference Table 5B  HQ1150. S73 1995
    Covers a wide variety of sources, 60% U.S. and 40% international in origin, and some projections. Contents include attitude and opinions, business and economics, crime, domestic life, education, health, income spending and wealth, labor, military, population, public life, religion, sexuality, and sports and recreation.
  • Racial and Ethnic Diversity: Asians, Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, and Whites  Reference Table 5B  E184.A1 R78
    Includes education, health, households, housing, income, labor force, population, and wealth.
  • Statistical Record of Black America  Reference Table 5B  E185.H543 1995
    Includes information on arts, attitudes, values, and behavior, business and economics, crime, education, health and medical care, housing, income, spending, wealth, labor and employment, miscellany, military, politics and elections, population, social and human services, sports and leisure, the family, and vital statistics. 
  • Historical Statistics of Black America Reference Table 5B
    For older data.
  • Hispanic Americans: A Statistical Sourcebook  Reference Table 5B  E184.S75 H5675
    Government data includes demographics, social characteristics, households and family characteristics, education, government and elections, labor force and employment, earnings, income, poverty, and wealth, crime and corrections, and special topics.
  • Statistical Record of Hispanic Americans    Reference Table 5B  E184.S75S74 1993
    Uses government sources and some local statistical sources. Covers demographics, family, education, culture, health, social and economic conditions, business and industry, government and politics, and law and law enforcement.
  • Statistical Record of Asian Americans  Reference Table 5B  E184. O6S73 1993
    Includes attitudes and opinions, business and economics, crime, law enforcement, and civil rights, domestic life, education, employment, health, housing, immigration, income, spending, and wealth, military, population, public life, and religion.
  • Americans 55 & Older:  A Changing Market  (on order)
  • Baby Boom:  Americans Aged 35 to 54  (on order)
  • Generation X: the Young Adult Market  Reference HC110. C6M544 1997
    Covers attitudes and behavior, education, health, income, labor force, living arrangements, population, spending, and wealth.
  • Statistical Record of Children  Reference Table 5B  HQ767.8 .S73 1994
    Contents include population, vital statistics, education, health, child care, income and expenditures, crimes, domestic life, sports and recreation, and international comparisons.
  • American Generations:  Who They Are, How They live, What They Think    (on order)



  • Who's buying food & drink : who spends how much on food and alcohol, at and away from home   Reference Table 5B   HD9004.M54 1996
    Includes information on spending and eating patterns in the US. 
  • Household Spending:  Who Spends How Much on What  Reference Table 5B   HC110. C6H68
    Based on data collected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Consumer Expenditure Survey. Data is organized by age, income, household type, and region. Chapters include spending topics, apparel, entertainment, financial products and services, food and alcohol, gifts, health care, housing and household operations, shelter and utilities, personal care, reading, and education, tobacco, and transportation.
  • Official guide to American incomes  Reference Table 5B HC110.I5E87 1996
    Provides data on household, personal, and discretionary income, trends and household income projections, consumer spending, household wealth and net worth, poverty trends, and geography of income and poverty. 
  • Survey of buying power demographics USA  HC110.C6S847
  • American Incomes : Demographics of Who Has Money  (on order)
  • Best customers : Demographics of consumer demand  (on order)


  • Marketing science: The marketing journal of TIMS/ORSA  HF1 .M345
  • Journal of marketing  HF1 .J862
  • Academy of marketing science  HF1 .J8686
  • Journal of consumer marketing  HF1 .J869
  • Journal of business and industrial marketing  HF1 .J867
  • Marketing research  HF1 .M3454
  • Journal of marketing theory and practice  HF1 .J8696
  • Advertising Age  HF1 .A244
  • Industrial marketing  HF1 .I421
  • Journal of Consumer Marketing  HF1.J869
  • Journal of Consumer Research  HF1.J8627
  • Sales & marketing management  HF1.S1632
  • Advertising Age
    Interactive media and marketing articles, opinions, and news stories from the online copy of the magazine.   Adage Dataplace - industry data including rankings e.g. Top 100 research companies, Top 200 brands.
  • Marketing Week (UK)
    Rankings available - e.g. Top 200 marketing communications providers in the UK, World's biggest brands 1999.
  • The Marketing Department of Tilburg University, Netherlands has compiled a set of links of interest to marketing academics, including a list of marketing magazines and academic marketing journals.
  • Web Marketing Today
    Free newsletter about Internet marketing and doing business on the Web. The InfoCenter has hundreds of great links to articles about effective web marketing.



Many periodicals and trade magazines publish special issues.  These are usually published once a year and focus on a specific aspect of the industry.  These can be useful resources for rankings, statistics, market information, buyer's guides, and other miscellaneous facts and statistics.  

  • The Grey House Directory of Special Issues:  A Guide to Business Magazines   Reference  Z7164.C81G74 
    Includes 1,833 magazines in 95 industries.

General Reference Sources

  • Basic Bibliography on Marketing Research  Z7164.M18B35 1974
  • Market Share Reporter  Reference Table 6   HF5410.M35
    This volume compiles market share statistics on companies,  products and services as reported in various publications. Search by SIC code, brand name, company name, or product category.  
  • Essential Marketing Sourcebook  HF5415.12.G7J39 1998 
  • Handbook of International Direct Marketing  HF5415.126.H36 1996
  • Dictionary of Marketing Research  HF5415.2.V36 1987 
  • Marketing information: a professional reference guide  HF5415.124.M37 1995 
  • IEBM encyclopedia of marketing  HF5412. I32 1999
  • Research alert yearbook   Reference Table 6 HQ2044.U54R476 




  • Encyclopedia of Associations  Reference Desk
  • Encyclopedia of Associations (International Organizations) Reference Desk
  • Yearbook of International Organizations  JX1904 .A42 
  • National trade and professional associations of the United States, 1999  Reference HD2425.N37 1999
  • The Directory of Business Information Sources  Reference HF54.52 .U5 D567 2000
    Includes associations, newsletters, magazines & journals, trade shows, directories & databases, and Web sites.
  • Associations on the Net (Internet Public Library)
    "A collection of over 2000 Internet sites providing information about a wide variety of professional and trade associations, cultural and art organizations, political parties and advocacy groups, labor unions, academic societies, and research institutions. Abstracts summarizing information about the association and its site are provided."

Market Research Reports

  • Reuters Business Insight  
    Use this database to access market reports from five industry sectors: consumer goods, energy, finance, healthcare, and e-commerce/technology.  Full-text reports are available in PDF or HTML format.
  • International Market Research Reports
    Reports are prepared by the Department of Commerce's International Trade Administration.  They provide detailed information on a commodity or industry within a single country. Often dated.


  • ACNielsen
    A leading provider of market research. Information and analysis on consumer products and services industries.
    World Association of research professionals. Current searchable directory of 1500 research organizations online - updated monthly.
  • Market and Opinion Research International 
    The largest independent research agency in the UK, does worldwide research.
  • International Market Research Mall
    The first web-based community of market research providers. You can search, select, buy and view full text of market research reports online, from more than 50 international market research providers.
  • Datamonitor Market Analysis Experts
    Cover all industries on a global basis.
  • Euromonitor
    Global coverage - publishes more than 200 new market research reports a year.
  • The Freedonia Group
    Leading international industrial research company, publishing more than 100 studies a year.
  • Frost & Sullivan
    As well as publishing comprehensive market research reports, the company now offers a Quick Data Service, which provides answers to clients' questions in a very short timeframe.
  • Mintel International
    UK's leading provider of consumer market research. Covers market, leisure, retail and financial intelligence. Some European markets also covered.
  • Verdict Research
    Leading UK and European retail analysts.

Brands/New Product Development

Media & Advertising Rates

These sources provide information about individual magazines, newspapers, radio and TV stations, cable and satellite systems, and web sites. These sources may provide information about circulation numbers, broadcast power and range, network affiliation, target audiences, physical formats, and rates charged for advertising.
  • Gale Directory of Publications and Broadcast Media  Reference Table 6A  PN4867. G3
    This source provides detailed information on newspapers, magazines, journals, radio stations, television stations, and cable systems. Volumes 1 and 2 list periodicals and broadcasters by city (organized by state and province). Addresses, phone numbers, frequency, physical layout, subscription rates, advertising rates, circulation, networks, wattage, and other data are listed where appropriate. Volume 3 provides the master index, tables and statistics; volume 4 provides regional market indexes by media type.
  • Dataplace 
    From Advertising Age.  Provides lists of top magazines and circulation rankings.
  • Broadcasting & Cable Yearbook  Reference Table 6A  TK1.B86367 
    Covers television, cable, satellite broadcasting, and radio industries in the US and Canada. Includes twelve sections: A: industry overview plus a directory of group owners; B: directory of television stations by state and city, and TV market statistics; C: cable rankings by household and penetration percentage; D: directory of radio stations, call letter lists, radio formats by state, and radio market statistics; E: satellites and other services; F: programming services; G: technical services; H: brokers and professional services; I: associations, events, education, and awards; J: law, regulation, and government agencies.

Misc. Marketing Sources

  • Internet resources and services for international marketing and advertising  HF1416.C69 2002
  • Market research:  A guide to planning, methodology & evaluation  HF5415.2.H253 2002
  • Marketing audit handbook:  Tools, techniques & checklists to exploit your marketing resources  HF5415.16.W55 2002
  • MarketSearch database
    Search worldwide market research studies from 700 research firms.
    Free market research resources for those interested in this field.
    Marketing Virtual Library - the Internet reference resource for all aspects of marketing, research, advertising, selling and promotion.
  • Marketing Teacher 
    Site for those who want to learn more about marketing. Free 15 minute lesson on marketing every week. Many good links.
  • Price's List of Lists
  • Contains numerous lists of information presented in the form of rankings of different people, organizations, companies, etc.   Compiled by Gary Price, MLIS.
  • American Demographics
    Numerous links pertaining to marketing resources, tools, software, and products, and demographic statistics. Also includes full-text of several years of American Demographics (follows consumer trends for business people) and archives of Marketing Tools, (tactics and techniques for information-based marketers- ceased publication in July 1998). 
  • Ad*Access
    'The Ad*Access Project, funded by the Duke Endowment "Library 2000" Fund, presents images and database information for over 7,000 advertisements printed in U.S. and Canadian newspapers and magazines between 1911 and 1955. Ad*Access concentrates on five main subject areas: Radio, Television, Transportation, Beauty and Hygiene, and World War II, providing a coherent view of a number of major campaigns and companies through images preserved in one particular advertising collection available at Duke University.' 
  • Advertising Law
    This site contains articles about the legal aspects of marketing products, FTC guides, speeches, rules, and statutes.   
  • International Advertising Association  
    News releases and announcements from a global network of advertisers, agencies, the media, and related services.
  • Advertising World
    From the University of Texas.  A meta-page of resources for advertising & marketing professionals, students, and teachers. 
  • EXPOGuide
    A comprehensive listing of trade shows and conferences worldwide. 

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