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Research Guide: Small Business
Scope:  This guide is a selected list of resources that will be useful for locating information on small business. These resources include print materials available in the Stewart Library, and electronic resources, some of which may be available only to WSU students, faculty, and staff.  

Table of Contents:



Business Plans

  • CPA's guide to developing effective business plans, 2001  HD30.28.B47 2000 
  • Business plans to game plans : a practical system for turning strategies into action  HD30.28.K559 2000 
  • The knowledge enterprise : implementation of intelligent business strategies  HD30.2.H44 2000 
  • Attracting equity investors : positioning, preparing, and presenting the business plan  HD30.28.S429 1998 
  • If you want to make God really laugh, show him your business plan : the 101 universal laws of business   HF5386.G36 1999 
  • Anatomy of a business plan : a step-by-step guide to starting smart, building the business, and securing your company's future  HD30.28.P5 1999 
  • Business plans handbook: A compilation of actual business plans developed by small business throughout North America  Reference Table 6  HD62.7 .B865 1998
    Includes sample business plans, marketing plans, tips for presenting plans, and other useful links. 

  • Writing a Business Plan  
    Discusses elements and guidelines for the preparation of a business plan.  

  • Business Plans and Strategy 
    Includes planning templates, downloads, reviews, help, and advice.  

  • CCH Business Owner's Toolkit 
    Includes downloadable sample plans that illustrate required content.   

  • More Business 
    Sample business and marketing plans, contracts, etc.  

  • Business Plan Roadmap to success 
    From the Small Business Administration.  A tutorial and outline of the business plan.

  • Building a Business Plan ( 

  • How to develop and use a business plan 

  • Successful proposal strategies for small businessess  (on order)

  • The Definitive business plan  (on order)


  • Preparing the marketing plan  HF5415.13 .P3248 2000
  • Marketing on a tight budget : an action guide to low cost business growth  HF5415.13.F67 2000 
    (Chapter 11:  The one hour marketing plan)  
  • Anatomy of a business plan : a step-by-step guide to starting smart, building the business, and securing your company's future  HD30.28.P5 1999   
    (Part II:  The marketing plan)
  • The Internet marketing plan  HF5415.1265.B39 1997 
  • How to write a successful marketing plan : a disciplined and comprehensive approach  HF5415.13.H522 1990 
  • The marketing plan, how to prepare & implement it  HF 5415.L83 1982 
  • The Marketing plan:  a step-by-step guide  (on order)
  • Marketing plan handbook for business and e-business  (on order)
  • How to Write a Marketing Plan 
    This hyperlinks to an article on how to write a marketing plan for a library and information service. 
  • Small Business Marketing:  How to Develop a Marketing Plan 
    Includes sample business plans, marketing plans, tips for presenting plans, and other useful links. 
    Templates and samples of business and marketing plans.  

Trade Associations

  • Encyclopedia of Associations  Reference Desk
  • Encyclopedia of Associations (International Organizations) Reference Desk
  • Yearbook of International Organizations  JX1904 .A42
  • National trade and professional associations of the United States, 1999  Reference HD2425.N37 1999
  • The Directory of Business Information Sources  Reference HF54.52 .U5 D567 2000
    Includes associations, newsletters, magazines & journals, trade shows, directories & databases, and Web sites.
  • Associations on the Net (Internet Public Library) 
    "A collection of over 2000 Internet sites providing information about a wide variety of professional and trade associations, cultural and art organizations, political parties and advocacy groups, labor unions, academic societies, and research institutions. Abstracts summarizing information about the association and its site are provided."
  • Manufacturing.Net
    Provides access to associations, magazines, trade shows, and yellow pages. Although the site provides few links to trade articles without registration, they do provide access to content posted on individual publications' Web sites. (Registration is free and provides access to archives of articles published by Cahners Business publications.)

General Small Business Information

  • Encyclopedia of small business  Reference HD62.7.H553 1998
  • Free money for small businesses and entrepreneurs  Reference HG4027.7.B58 1995 
  • Going solo : the best resources for entrepreneurs & freelancers  Reference HB615.G54 1999 
  • Entrepreneur magazine : starting an import/export business  Reference HF1416.E577 1995 
  • The women's business resource guide : a national directory of over 600 programs, resources and organizations to help women start or expand a business  Reference HD6072.6.U5L58 1994 
  • The small business handbook : a comprehensive guide to starting and running your own business  HD62.7.B84 1997 
  • Small business handbook : an entrepreneur's guide to starting a business and growing a business  HD62.7.W42 1999
  • SBA loans: a step-by-step guide
  • Franchise Zone
    Part of  Provides access to a database of franchise opportunities. Database includes the "Franchise 500". 
  • Small Business Administration 
    "Provides financial, technical and management assistance to help Americans start, run, and grow their businesses. 
  • Small Business Development Centers Homepage 
  • Women's Online Business Center 
    OWBO promotes the growth of women-owned businesses through programs that address business training and technical assistance, and provide access to credit and capital, federal contracts, and international trade opportunities."
  • Entrepreneur.Com: The Online Small Business Authority 
    Maintained by Entrepreneur Magazine to support new business ideas and growing companies.  Contains selected articles from the publication and resources for business developers. "Small Business Tools" section enables one to download ready-made business forms and search a software library; "Entrepreneur's Databases" include links to categories of franchising opportunities (fastest-growing, top new, home-based, etc).  (Glenda Neely, University of Louisville)
  • Entrepreneur's Reference Guide to Small Business Information
    Contents include: "Introduction, Getting Started, Raising Capital, Managing Your Business, Human Resources, Marketing, Doing Business with Government, International Opportunities, Research and Information Gathering, Looking At the Numbers, Handbooks and Guides, Information about Companies, Indexes, Databases, Other Information Sources, Keeping Current, and Index."  (Glenda Neely, University of Louisville)
  • Entrepreneurial Edge:  The Edward Lowe Foundation 
    Devoted to championing the entrepreneurial spirit and promote his philosophy of fostering and nurturing the American entrepreneur. Contains a "quick search" area for finance, human resources, leadership and management, legal issues, marketing, operations and technology. Information resources area includes business builders and best business links. (Glenda Neely, University of Louisville)
  • Entreworld: Kaufman Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership 
    Wide range of subjects divided into three categories: Starting your Business, Growing your Business and Supporting Entrepreneurship. There are helpful articles and research links included. Of special note is the Business Information Center."  (Glenda Neely, University of Louisville)
  • S.C.O.R.E. - Service Corp of Retired Engineers  
    A resource partner with the U.S. Small Business Administration, SCORE  offers counseling and workshops to business owners.

Business Directories

  • Ward's business directory of U.S. private and public companies  Reference Table 6 HG4057.A575 2001 
    Covers over 600 of "the largest and most influential enterprises in the U.S." Each 2 page profile provides a brief description of the company, its history, 10 year table of basic financials, as well as a list of competitors.  Excellent source for private companies.
  • American Big Business Directory   Reference Table 6   HF5035 .A49 1999 
    Includes over 193,000 organizations with 100 or more employees. Organized  alphabetically by company name, city, SIC code, or top executives.
  • American Manufacturers Directory   Reference Table 6   HD9723 .U27 2000
    Provides address, phone number, number of employees, sales, credit rating, and SIC code for over 166,000 organizations with 20 or more employees indexed alphabetically, by city, and by SIC code.  
  • Directory of American Firms Operating in Foreign Countries  Reference Table 6 HG4538.A1D5  
    Basic directory information for American firms operating abroad. Entries contain phone, fax, principle product/service, number of employees, and countries with subsidiaries or affiliates. Vol.1 lists firms in alphabetical order, Vols. 2 and 3 list firms by country.
  • Directory of Corporate Affiliations   Reference Table 6   HG4057 .A217 
    Useful for finding parent companies of divisions, subsidiaries and affiliates for private and public companies. Includes addresses, number of employees, names of top executives, and indexes by geographic location, type of business, and brand names.  
  • Utah Business Directory   Reference Table 6  HF5065.U8U78
    Four sections include bus nesses by city, businesses by yellow page category, major employers, and manufacturers by city and product. 
  • Directory of Franchising Organizations  Reference Table 6  HF5429.3 .D5 1998  
    Lists over 1300 current franchises in 45 categories. Provides short description, amount of investment required, and contact information. 
  • State of Utah Global Business Directory   Reference Table 6  HF5065 .U8 U8 1997  
    Directory of Utah exporters. Includes contact information, Internet address, number of employees, date established, product description, and export regions. The beginning of the directory includes sections on Utah's economy, a Utah business brief, and export figures. 
  • Standard & Poor's Register of Corporations, Directors, and Executives  Reference Table 6  HG4057 .S57 1999  
    Listing of over 55,000 public and private U.S., Canadian and major international businesses. Provides titles and duties of all leading officers, executives, department heads and technical personnel, annual sales and number of employees. Volume 2 includes biographies for more than 70,000 high-level executives.  
  • Utah Directory of Business & Industry  Reference Table 6 HD  9727 .U8 U82
    Also available on the Internet: 

Small Business Financing


  • SBA Hotlist:  Financing Your Business 
  • Entrepreneur magazine : guide to raising money  HG4751.E58 1998
  • The portable MBA in entrepreneurship  HD62.5.B94 1994
  • Venture capital : the definitive guide for entrepreneurs, investors, and practitioners   HG4751.V463 2001
  • The Ernst & Young guide to financing for growth  HG4061.G368 1994
  • The small business money guide : how to get it, use it, keep it  HG4027.7.L66 1999 


Although these titles are not owned by WSU, you can have these titles sent to WSU through InterLibrary Loan.

  • Angel Investing: Matching Startup Funds With Startup Companies: The Guide for Entrepreneurs. Mark Van Osnabrugge. Jossey-Bass, 2000.
  • Corporate Finance Sourcebook. Reed-Elsevier, annual. 
    This directory includes venture capitalists, private lenders, commercial banks, investment banks, business intermediaries and more.
  • Directory of Venture Capital Firms, Domestic and International. Grey House Publishing, 2000.
  • Entrepreneur Magazine's Financing Your Small Business: How to Raise the Money You Need.  Entrepreneur Media, 1999.
  • Galante's Venture Capital & Private Equity Directory. 2000. 
    Contains articles about venture capital, a listing of U.S. private equity firms, organizations to contact, international private equity firms, and international organizations that provide venture capital assistance.
  • Gold Book of Venture Capital Firms. Kennedy Information, 1999.
  • Government Assistance Almanac. 2000-2001. 14th ed. J. Robert Dumouchel. 
    This source provides information on all kinds of domestic programs available from federal agencies, and help users obtain assistance.
  • Home Office and Small Business Answer Book: Solutions to the Most Frequently Asked Questions about Starting and Running Home Offices and Small Businesses. 2nd ed. Janet Attard. Henry Holt, 2000.
  • How to Find Money Online: an Internet-based Capital Guide for Entrepreneurs. Alan Joch. McGraw-Hill, 2000.
  • How to Get a Small Business Loan: A Banker Shows you Exactly what to do to get a Loan. 2nd. ed. Bryan E. Milling. Sourcebooks, 1998. 
    Pratt's Guide to Venture Capital Sources. Capitol Publishing. Annual. This is the best-known directory of capital venture sources. Contact information and funding preferences are given for each investor. Articles regarding the venture capital industry and funding processes are included.
  • Raising Capital: Get the Money You Need to Grow Your Business. Andrew J. Sherman. Kiplinger Books, 2000
  • Small Business Financing: How and Where to Get It. CCH. 1998. 
    Has information on all aspects of small business financing, including private investors, commercial debt financing, government sponsored financing, state and local public funding, SBA loan programs, etc.
  • Start Up Financing: An Entrepreneurs Guide to Financing a New or Growing Business. William J. Stolze. Career Press, 1997.
  • Where to Go When the Banks Say No: Alternatives for Financing Your Business. David R. Evanson. Bloomberg Press, 1998.



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