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Stewart Library Collection Update February 2001

Table of Contents

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New Book Titles

Accounting, Tax, and Finance

Controller's report yearbook HG4026.C662 
Leasing* HD39.4.C69 2000 
Japanese cost management HD47.3.J363 2000 
Business analysis & valuation : using financial statements : text & cases HF5681.V3P3 2000 
Accounting, text and cases HF5635.A69 1999 
Advances in accounting behavioral research HG5630.A38 1998
Trading the international futures markets : the markets, the systems, and the strategies for achieving the trader's "edge" HG6024.A3B53 2000 
Sawyer's internal auditing : the practice of modern internal auditing HF5668.25.S282 1996 
Risk management : challenge and opportunity HG101.R57 2000 
Quickbooks 2000 for dummies HF5679.N4498 2000 
Foundations for the future : the AICPA from 1980 to 1995  HF5616.U5C4835 2000 
Central banking, crises, and global economy HG1811.F7 2000 
An introduction to the mathematics of financial derivatives HG6024.A3N44 2000 
International money and finance HG3881.H255 2000 
Ethical issues in accounting HF5625.15.E85 1998 
Security and control in information systems : a guide for business and accounting HF5548.35.H39 2000 
Accounting for marketing HF5686.M35W55 1999 
Environmental taxation and the double dividend HJ5427.Z73E57 2000 



The international yearbook of environmental and resource economics : a survey of current issues HC79.E5I616 
Environmental markets : equity and efficiency* HC79.P55E584 2000 
Economic growth and environmental policy : a theoretical approach HD75.6.H48 2000 
An introduction to applied econometrics : a time series approach HB139.P373 2000 
Economics and the global environment HD75.6.P438 2000 
Spoiled rotten : affluence, anxiety, and social decay in America HC110.W4G58 1999 
A civil economy : transforming the market in the twenty-first century HB501.B8453 2000 
Japanese economics and economists since 1945 HB126.J2J374 2000 
One market under God : extreme capitalism, market populism, and the end of economic democracy HF5415.F693 2000 
Keynes : contemporary responses to the general theory HB99.7.K364 1999 
Keys to prosperity : free markets, sound money, and a bit of luck HD87.D69 2000 
Foreign temporary workers in America : policies that benefit the U.S. economy  HD8081.A5F67 1999 
Relocating teams and expanding leagues in professional sports : how the major leagues respond to market conditions GV716.J69 1999 
Commitment to full employment : the economics and social policy of William S. Vickrey  HD5701.5.C66 2000 
Global economic growth : theories, research, studies, and annotated bibliography, 1950-1997 HC59.L578 2000 
Fifty major economists HB76.P74 1999 
The poverty of "development economics" HD75.L34 2000 
Designing the green economy : the postindustrial alternative to corporate globalization HC79.E5M469 2000 



The customer century : lessons from world class companies in integrated marketing and communications HF5718.G77 2000
The anatomy of buzz : how to create word-of-mouth marketing HF5827.95.R67 2000 
Advertising and the mind of the consumer : what works, what doesn't, and why HF5822.S84 2000 
Business-to-business Internet marketing : seven proven strategies for increasing profits through Internet direct marketing HF5415.1265.S535 2001 
Marketing on a tight budget : an action guide to low cost business growth* HF5415.13.F67 2000 
Volunteerism marketing : new vistas for nonprofit and public sector management HF5415.V64 1999 
Communicating globally : an integrated marketing approach HF1416.S35 2000 
Key customers : how to manage them profitably HF5438.8.K48M353 2000 
Marketing and feminism : current issues and research* HF5415.M2969 2000 



Business data communications and networking  HD30.37.P36 2001 
Internet business intelligence : how to build a big company system on a small company budget HD38.7.V56 2000 
Windows 2000 security QA76.9.A25B72 2000 
Mastering Cisco routers  TK5105.543.B74 2000 
Data warehouses : more than just mining QA76.9.D37B37 2000 
Data resource quality : turning bad habits into good practices QA76.9.D3B677 2000 
Backup and restore practices for Sun Enterprise servers QA76.9.D348S77 2000 
Rethinking public key infrastructures and digital certificates : building in privacy TK5105.59.B73 2000 
Lotus Domino administration in a nutshell : a desktop quick reference HF5548.4.L673N44 2000 
Multimedia systems : delivering, generating, and interacting with multimedia QA76.575.M665 2000 
Exchange & Outlook : constructing collaborative solutions QA76.9.C55M334 2000 
Secrets and lies : digital security in a networked world QA76.9.A25S352 2000 
High-performance Web databases : design, development, and deployment QA76.9.W43H54 2001 
Windows NT/2000 thin client solutions : implementing Terminal Services and Citrix MetaFrame QA76.9.C55M395 2000 
Database application programming with Linux QA76.9.D26J48 2000 
MPLS and label switching networks TK5105.875.I57B55 2001 
CCIE : Cisco certified internetwork expert study guide TK5105.87.C35 2001 


International Business Topics

Economic policy in Eastern Europe : were currency boards a solution?  HC244.E24336 2000 
Liberalization, growth, and the Asian financial crisis : lessons for developing and transitional economies in Asia HC412.M59 2000 
Poverty and inequality in South Africa : meeting the challenge* HC905.Z9P619 2000 
Building a partnership : the Canada-United States Free Trade Agreement* HF1746.B85 2000 
African development in a comparative perspective HC800.A5653 2000 
Between Mecca and Beijing : modernization and consumption among urban Chinese Muslims HC430.C6G56 2000 
Trade blocs HF1418.7.T725 2000 
The march to capitalism in the transition countries HC244.M476 1998
Cases and projects in international management HD62.4.M398 2000 
Managing cultural differences : leadership strategies for a new world of business HD62.4.H37 2000 
Overseas Chinese entrepreneurship and capitalist development in Southeast Asia HC441.G36 2000 
The Asian economic catharsis : how Asian firms bounce back from crisis HD70.A7A75 2000 
Economic imperatives and ethical values in global business : the South African experience and international codes today  HF5387.5.S6S485 2000 
A fistful of rubles : the rise and fall of the Russian banking system HG3130.2.A6J64 2000 
Consumption in Asia : lifestyles and identities HC415.C6C48 2000 


Other Business Topics

The brave new service strategy : aligning customer relationships, market strategies, and business structures HF5415.5.G878 2000 
Building the innovative organization : management systems that encourage innovation HD45.C4849 2000 
The international protection of designs K1490.C654 2000 
Privatization and public-private partnerships JK468.P75S278 2000 
Learning practices : assessment and action for organizational improvement HD58.82.D533 2001 
Knowledge horizons : the present and the promise of knowledge management HD30.2.K66 2000 
The American Bar Association legal guide for small business : everything a small-business person must know, from start-up employment laws to financing and selling a business KF1659.Z9A43 2000 
Internal quality systems auditing HF5668.25.L48 1998 
Guide to passing the PSI real estate exam HD1381.5.U5S24 2000 
Custom : every product, every price, every message HF5415.153.W5 2000 
Hungry for profit : the agribusiness threat to farmers, food, and the environment HD9000.5.H86 2000 
Using public relations strategies to promote your nonprofit organization HD62.6.K536 2000 
Business ethics : concepts and cases HF5387.V44 1998 
Insatiable appetite : the United States and the ecological degradation of the tropical world * HD1417.T83 2000 
The rise of fiduciary capitalism : how institutional investors can make corporate America more democratic HG4910.H43 2000 
Changing innovation in the pharmaceutical industry : globalization and new ways of drug development RM301.25.C48 2000 
Secrets of customer relationship management : it's all about how you make them feel HF5415.5.B3683 2001 
Focused energy : mastering bottom-up organization HD58.8.F63 2000 
Organisations : a strategic perspective HD31.F398 2000 
Competition in agriculture : the United States in the World Market HD9006.C66 2000 
Business, institutions, and ethics : a text with cases and readings HF5387.D543 2000 
Science, technology, and innovation policy : opportunities and challenges for the knowledge economy  T173.8.S38 2000 
The United States labor force : a descriptive analysis HD5724.P785 2000 
Import tariffs as environmental policy instruments HF1425.K7 2000 
Effective international joint venture management : practical legal insights for successful organization and implementation K1309.W649 2000 
Cases in advertising and communications management  HF5827.G75 1992
Long-term unemployment and reemployment policies HD5708.85.U6L66 2000 
Industrial organisation and innovation : an international study of the software industry HD9696.63.A2T67 1998 
The personal distribution of income in an international perspective HC79.I5P47 2000 
Deregulation of network industries : what's next?* HD2766.D473 2000 
Making sense of Social Security reform HD7125.S526 2000 
The nature of the nonprofit sector HD2769.2.U6N37 2001 
Strategic negotiations : a theory of change in labor-management relations HD8072.5.W35 2000 
Environment and business HD30.255.B53 2001 
The management century : a critical review of 20th century thought and practice* HD31.C686 2000 



The eProcess edge : creating customer value and business wealth in the Internet era  HD30.28.K44 2000 
B2B exchanges : the killer application in the business-to-business internet revolution HF5415.1265.S38 1999 
The essential guide to networking TK5105.5.K46 2001 
Handbook of business data communications : a managerial perspective HF5548.2.B462 2000 
e-Business intelligence : turning information into knowledge into profit HD38.7.L52 2001 
B2B : how to build a profitable e-commerce strategy HF5548.32.C855 2001 
Copyright and electronic commerce : legal aspects of electronic copyright management*  K1420.5.C67 2000 
Emarketing HF5415.1265.S774 2001 
Webvertising : the ultimate Internet advertising guide HF6146.I58W43 2000 


Requested Titles

Hacking exposed : network security secrets & solutions TK5105.59.S32 2001 
Communicating Across Cultures
Examines differences in communication styles. Demonstrates the misunderstandings that can result when people of different national origin or ethnic background (or even personality) try to communicate. Shows how discomfort around the subjects of race, gender and other differences inhibits feedback and constructive interaction.  
Media VHS
HF5549.C6C6 1992 
Hunger for Pesos, Yen for Dollars- - a case study in international marketing
Two United States fast food competitors are making plans to expand their businesses into Mexico and Japan. This program looks at the changes in marketing techniques that are necessary to go international.  
Media VHS
HF1379.H8 1992 
Beyond borders - ethics in international business
Dramatized case studies in ethics are presented which illustrate conflicts encountered by those involved in international business situations and relations with business executives from other countries. 
Media VHS
HF5387.B49 1997 
Mideast - economic development 
Discusses how the Mideast is continuing its ancient role as an important economic power, with the world's largest and most accessible oil holdings. Explores the economic development of the Mideast, the impact of oil on the region and the plans of Mideast nations to build an economic future that will last beyond the days of oil.  
Media VHS
School choice - V is for voucher
Originally broadcast on September 29, 2000, on the television program 20/20.  Should school vouchers be an option when a public school is second-rate? 
Media VHS
LB2828.8.S35 2000 
Researching world markets
Corporate executives participate in panel discussion on international market research and initiating international projects. 
Media VHS
HF5415.2.R4343 1992 
The money lenders - The World Bank & International Monetary Fund: a global report
Discusses the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund and the effects of the loans given to real people in real places. Shows how the money has been used and the consequences of these loans. 
Media VHS
HG3881.M589 2000 
Going Places:  Distribution channels, international market
Examines distribution, the delivery of products, directly by producer to user, or indirectly through agents or intermediaries. 
Media VHS
HF5415.G6 1991 
Manufacturers of designer jeans and other products are trying to stop counterfeit products from eroding their marketplace, reducing their profits, and defrauding the customer. 
Media VHS
HF1040.7.F3 1984 
Mastering virtual teams : strategies, tools, and techniques that succeed  HD66.D8 1999 
The Emerging markets of Eastern Europe and Russia 
Provides a concise introduction to the nations of Eastern Europe so that Americans can understand how these nations differ from the United States and each other. 
Media VHS
HF5415.12.E852E44 1996 
Retailing in Europe 
Discusses the similarities and differences between retailing in the United States and in Europe. Discusses supermarkets, hypermarkets, franchising, apparel retailers, auto dealers. 
Media VHS
HF5429.6.E85R4 1992 



New Reference Materials

green and blue bullet

China markets yearbook  HF41.C456 

green and blue bullet

Business Rankings Annual  Reference Table 11A  HG4050.B88 

green and blue bullet

American Salaries and Wages Survey  HV6563.G6 

green and blue bullet

Annual Report of Labor Market Information: Utah, 1999  Reference Table 3B  HD5725.U8A553 

green and blue bullet

Great Labor Quotations  HD8066.G74 2000 

green and blue bullet

Eurojargon, A Dictionary of European Union Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Sobriquets  HC241.2.R357 2000 

green and blue bullet

Statistical handbook on Consumption and Wealth in the United States  Reference Table 9B  HC110.C6S73 1999 

green and blue bullet

Foreign Trade of the United States  Reference Table 9B  HF3000.F67 

green and blue bullet

The policy analysis of child labor : a comparative study  HD6250.5.P65 1999

green and blue bullet

Business Monitor International guide to the world's major emerging economies:  country analysis and forecast reports, 2000-2002  HD2755.5.B87 2000 

green and blue bullet

Microsoft encyclopedia of networking  TK5102.M527 2000 

green and blue bullet

Free money for small businesses and entrepreneurs  HG4027.7.B58 1995

green and blue bullet

The complete handbook of business meetings  HF5734.5.M566 2000 

green and blue bullet

International dictionary of banking and finance  HG151.C54 1999 

green and blue bullet

Encyclopedia of production and manufacturing management  TS9.E53 2000 

green and blue bullet

Moving & relocation sourcebook and directory  Reference Table 1A HT334.U5M5 2001


New E-Journal Listings

Many new titles have been added to the Business & Economics Electronic Journals page.  These titles are available through Ebsco Online, a full text electronic version of many of the journals the WSU Stewart Library currently subscribes to.


New Database

FARS:  Financial Accounting Research System on CD-ROM 

Infobases Contained in FARS: 
Original Pronouncements - FASB and AICPA pronouncements (including totally superseded pronouncements): FASB Statements, Interpretations, Technical Bulletins, and Concepts Statements; ARBs 43-51; APB Opinions and Statements; and AICPA Accounting Interpretations and Terminology Bulletins. 

Current Text - Integration of financial accounting and reporting standards arranged by topic. Contains General Standards, Industry Standards, and Current Text sections that have been totally superseded but are still applicable due to a delayed effective date. 

EITF Abstracts - Full text of each abstract for every issue discussed by the FASB's Emerging Issues Task Force since its inception in 1984. Also includes EITF topical index. 

Implementation Guides - Q&As from FASB Special Reports and other published implementation guidance. 

Comprehensive Topical Index - References linked to appropriate sections in the above infobases. 

FARS is designed to be flexible and easy to use. A special title display lets you know what infobase and document are currently being viewed and exactly where you are within that document. The accounting literature within the infobases can be accessed through: 

green and blue bullet

Table of Contents entries that link to the appropriate document or text in the document. 

green and blue bullet

Topical index references that link to the corresponding text in the infobases. 

green and blue bullet

Pre-defined query templates that facilitate the most common searches. 

green and blue bullet

User defined queries that allow you to customize your searches. 



Journal Usage Statistics

I am currently tracking usage of many of our current business journals.  Whenever you or your students come to the library to use these resources, don't forget to sign the pink slips of paper located in the inside cover!   I will periodically provide usage statistics with the collection updates.  Click here for 2000 quarterly and yearly usage statistics.  (Be patient, this may take a few seconds to load.)  If you are interested in titles that are NOT in this list, or would like a print copy of ALL statistics (one per department, please), please send me an email.


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