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April 2002


Accounting, Tax, and Finance
  • Accounting for fixed assets
  • Accounting profession in Argentina
  • Accounting profession in Australia
  • Accounting profession in Canada
  • Accounting profession in Hong Kong
  • Advances in quantitative analysis of finance and accounting
  • Basic guide for valuing a company
  • Big trends in trading : strategies to master major market moves
  • Capital budgeting : theory and practice
  • Cases in management accounting : current practices in European companies
  • Common sense on mutual funds : new imperatives for the intelligent investor
  • Credit risk : modeling, valuation and hedging
  • Development of accounting and auditing systems in China
  • Economic growth and valuation of the environment : a debate
  • Essential technical analysis : tools and techniques to spot market trends
  • Fair not flat : how to make the tax system better and simpler
  • Financial statement analysis : a practitioner's guide
  • Financial statement fraud : prevention and detection 
  • Global-Investor book of investing rules : invaluable advice from 150 master investors
  • Harnessing organizational resources : purchasing cards in action
  • Hedge funds in emerging markets
  • How to finance a growing business : an insider's guide to negotiating the capital markets
  • Inequality and tax policy
  • Investment pricing methods : a guide for accounting and financial professionals
  • Investment valuation : tools and techniques for determining the value of any asset
  • J.K. Lasser's financial basics for business managers
  • John Bogle on investing : the first 50 years
  • Man who beats the S&P : investing with Bill Miller
  • Not-for-profit accounting made easy
  • Paradox of asset pricing
  • Paving Wall Street : experimental economics and the quest for the perfect market
  • Psychology of risk : mastering market uncertainty
  • Rewarding excellence : pay strategies for the new economy
  • Wealthy world : the growth and implications of global prosperity


  • Against the dead hand : the uncertain struggle for global capitalism
  • APEC and the construction of Pacific Rim regionalism
  • Cancer stage of capitalism
  • Critical education against global capitalism : Karl Marx and revolutionary critical education
  • Economic losses from marine pollution : a handbook for assessment
  • Economics of barter and countertrade
  • Empty oceans, empty nets [videorecording]
  • Equality and responsibility
  • Growth and convergence in metropolitan America
  • Handbook of applied econometrics and statistical inference
  • Happiness and hardship : opportunity and insecurity in new market economies
  • History of the European economy, 1000-2000
  • Inventing North America : Canada, Mexico, and the United States
  • Job market of the future : using computers to humanize economies
  • Lectures on economic growth
  • Money, myths, and change : the economic lives of lesbians and gay men
  • On the edge of scarcity : environment, resources, population, sustainability, and conflict
  • Pathology of the U.S. economy revisited : the intractable contradictions of economic policy
  • Rekindling the movement : labor's quest for relevance in the twenty-first century
  • Resource abundance and economic development
  • Russia's post-communist economy
  • Silent theft : the private plunder of our common wealth
  • Social democracy in neoliberal times : the left and economic policy since 1980
  • Top heavy : the increasing inequality of wealth in America and what can be done about it
  • Trade liberalization and poverty : a handbook
  • Working in America : a blueprint for the new labor market


  • Art of cause marketing : how to use advertising to change personal behavior and public policy
  • Brain sell : harnessing the selling power of your whole brain    
  • Building data mining applications for CRM
  • Consumer behaviour analysis
  • Consumer behavior and marketing strategy
  • CRM automation
  • Creating and dominating new markets
  • Customer.Community : unleashing the power of your customer base
  • Drilling for gold : how corporations can successfully market to small businesses
  • Experiential marketing : how to get customers to sense, feel, think, act, and relate to your company and brands
  • Focus group research handbook
  • Great tween buying machine : marketing to today's tweens
  • Harvard business review on customer relationship management
  • Harvard business review on managing diversity
  • Harvard business review on marketing
  • Kellogg on marketing
  • Marketing moves : a new approach to profits, growth, and renewal
  • Marketing plan
  • Marketing strategies, tactics, and techniques : a handbook for practitioners
  • Myth of excellence : why great companies never try to be the best at everything
  • Planting flowers, pulling weeds : identifying your most profitable customers to ensure a lifetime of growth
  • Predict market swings with technical analysis
  • State of the art marketing research
  • Strategy and tactics of pricing : a guide to profitable decision making
  • Solutions for supplier empowerment : business-to-business, e-commerce


  • Absolute beginner's guide to cable Internet connections
  • Adobe GoLive 6 for dummies
  • Apache administrator's handbook
  • ASP.NET : a beginner's guide
  • Authorware 6 : inside macromedia
  • Building Java enterprise applications
  • Building Linux virtual private networks (VPNs)
  • Building web services and .NET applications
  • Business the Sun way : secrets of a new economy megabrand
  • Cisco Secure PIX Firewalls
  • Cisco secure virtual private networks
  • Cisco : the complete reference
  • ColdFusion 5 : a beginners guide
  • Cybercrime [videorecording] : the invisible threat
  • Developing secure distributed systems with CORBA
  • Director 8.5 Shockwave Studio : a beginner's guide
  • ebXML : the technical reports
  • ebXML : the technical specifications
  • Fibre channel storage area networks
  • Final cut pro 3 : upgrade essentials
  • Fundamentals of Web applications using .NET and XML
  • Hacking around [videorecording] : breaching networks for fun and profit
  • Hardening Cisco routers
  • Highly available storage for Windows servers
  • Inside Active Directory : a system administrator's guide
  • Internet weather : balancing continuous change and constant truths
  • IT payoff : measuring the business value of information technology investments
  • Java tools : using XML, EJB, CORBA, Servlets and SOAP
  • Load balancing servers, firewalls, and caches
  • Macromedia ColdFusion 5 : training from the source
  • Managing web usage in the workplace : a social, ethical, and legal perspective 
  • Multi-carrier technologies for wireless communication
  • Multi-platform wireless web applications : cracking the code /
    Cracking the code
  • Novell's NetWare 6 administrator's handbook
  • Optical networks : third generation transport systems
  • Oracle e-business suite manufacturing & supply chain management
  • Oracle9i Web development
  • PageMaker 7 : the complete reference
  • Piloting Palm : the inside story of Palm, Handspring, and the birth of the billion-dollar handheld industry
  • PostgreSQL developer's handbook
  • Practical javascript for the usable web
  • Python web programming
  • Real-world ASP.Net : building a content management system
  • Rewiring organizations for the networked economy : organizing, managing, and leading in the information age
  • Running weblogs with Slash
  • Sams teach yourself Macromedia Flash MX in 24 hours
  • Secure communications : applications and management
  • Security for ubiquitous computing
  • Shaping Web usability : interaction design in context
  • Software rules : how the next generation of technology tools will increase strategic effectiveness - and create competitive advantage
  • Understanding .NET : a tutorial and analysis
  • Voice enabling web applications : VoiceXML and beyond
  • Web-based training : using technology to design adult learning experiences 
  • XML programming using the Microsoft XML parser

International Business Topics

  • China in the world market : Chinese industry and international sources of reform in the post-Mao era
  • Distribution in Japan
  • Doing business in Mexico : a practical guide
  • Doing business with Russia [videorecording]
  • Economy of Iran : dilemmas of an islamic state
  • End of globalization : why global strategy is a myth & how to profit from the realities of regional markets
  • Environmental impacts of globalization and trade : a systems study
  • Europe's top quoted companies : a comparative directory from seventeen European stock exchanges
  • Free trade under fire
  • Global brains : knowledge and competencies for the 21st century
  • Globalism : the new market ideology
  • Globalization, growth, and poverty : building an inclusive world economy 
  • IBN's international trade and business guide : how to profit in the 16 top African and Caribbean Basin countries 
  • Levi's children : coming to terms with human rights in the global marketplace
  • Malaysian business in the new era
  • Managing the global supply chain 
  • The Middle East [videorecording] : understanding values and beliefs
  • Multicultural behavior and global business environments
  • Multicultural meeting [videorecording] : working with diverse cultures
  • Oxford handbook of international business
  • Private enterprise in China
  • Race to the top : the real story of globalization
  • Strategic vision for Africa : the Kampala movement
  • Success for the new global manager : what you need to know to work across distances, countries, and cultures
  • Tax law in Spain
  • Total access : giving customers what they want in an anytime, anywhere world
  • World famous in New Zealand : how New Zealand's leading firms became world-class competitors


  • Applied management science : modeling, spreadsheet analysis, and communication for decision making
  • Atomic corporation : a rational proposal for uncertain times
  • Basics of supply chain management
  • Building, leading, and managing strategic alliances : how to work effectively and profitably with partner companies
  • Business performance measurement : theory and practice
  • Creativity and leadership in the 21st century firm
  • Crisis & renewal : meeting the challenge of organizational change
  • Effective director : the essential guide to director & board development
  • Emotions in the workplace : understanding the structure and role of emotions in organizational behavior
  • End of management and the rise of organizational democracy
  • Entrepreneurial management
  • Essentials of capacity management
  • Essentials of CRM : a guide to customer relationship management
  • Facing up to management faddism : a new look at an old force
  • Five dysfunctions of a team : a leadership fable
  • Formulating a business plan [videorecording]
  • Games that teach teams : 21 activities to super-charge your group!
  • Good to great : why some companies make the leap--and others don't
  • Handbook of coaching : a comprehensive resource guide for managers, executives, consultants, and human resource professionals
  • Handbook of management under uncertainty
  • Harvard business review on negotiation and conflict resolution
  • How come every time I get stabbed in the back my fingerprints are on the knife? and other meditations on management
  • Leadership on the line : staying alive through the dangers of leading
  • Leadership secrets of Colin Powell
  • Lean thinking : banish waste and create wealth in your corporation
  • Managerial leadership
  • Managing multiple projects
  • Managing the human side of information technology : challenges and solutions
  • Modern approaches to manufacturing improvement : the Shingo system
  • Monitoring, measuring, and managing customer service
  • Operational profitability : systematic approaches for continuous improvement
  • Organizing for high performance : employee involvement, TQM, reengineering, and knowledge management in the Fortune 1000 : the CEO report
  • Pathways to nonprofit excellence
  • Performance appraisal : state of the art in practice
  • Performance-driven CRM : how to make your customer relationship management vision a reality
  • Performance scorecards : measuring the right things in the real world
  • Power of the tale : using narratives for organisational success
  • Primal leadership : realizing the power of emotional intelligence
  • Randori principles : the path to effortless leadership
  • Reengineering the corporation : a manifesto for business revolution
  • Reinventing strategy : using strategic learning to create and sustain breakthrough performance
  • Scenario planning : managing for the future
  • Scenarios : the art of strategic conversation
  • Secured enterprise : protecting your information assets
  • Strategic decision making : a best practice blueprint
  • Strategic management of intellectual capital and organizational knowledge
  • Transformational boards : a practical guide to engaging your board and embracing change
  • Understanding and changing your management style
  • Understanding, managing, and implementing quality : frameworks, techniques, and cases 
  • Unlocking knowledge assets
  • Unnatural leadership : going against intuition and experience to develop ten new leadership instincts
  • The virtual team [videorecording] : managing culture and technology
  • Virtual teams
  • Winning through innovation : a practical guide to leading organizational change and renewal


  • BizTalk unleashed
  • Building data mining applications for CRM
  • Business Darwinism : evolve or dissolve, adaptive strategies for the information age
  • Business expectations : are you using technology to its fullest?
  • Business rules and information systems : aligning IT with business goals
  • Cases on worldwide e-commerce : theory in action
  • Connecting to customers : strategies and solutions for growing your business online
  • Digital signatures
  • E-business handbook
  • Electronic commerce : B2C strategies and models
  • Going wireless : transform your business with mobile technology
  • Internet business models : texts and cases
  • Learning from the future : competitive foresight scenarios
  • M-commerce : technologies, services, and business models
  • New economy equity : navigating security and legal issues in digital business
  • New perspectives on e-commerce : comprehensive
  • Privacy and the commercial use of personal information
  • Safety net : protecting your business on the Internet
  • Securing business information : strategies to protect the enterprise and its network
  • Securing e-business systems : a guide for managers and executives
  • Wharton on managing emerging technologies

Human Resources

  • Effective HR measurement techniques
  • Headhunters : matchmaking in the labor market
  • High skills : globalization, competitiveness, and skill formation
  • HR survival guide to labor & employment law
  • Who gets the good jobs? : combating race and gender disparities

Other Business Topics

  • Alternating currents : electricity markets and public policy
  • American labor unions in the electoral arena
  • Appraising residential properties
  • Assets for the poor : the benefits of spreading asset ownership
  • Black enterprise guide to technology for entrepreneurs
  • Brain power : maximize communication and cognition for your business success
  • Breakaway : deliver value to your customers-- fast!
  • Business ethics for the 21st century [videorecording].
  • Business geography and new real estate market analysis
  • Business intelligence : making better decisions faster
  • Business style handbook : an A-to-Z guide for writing on the job with tips from communications experts at the Fortune 500
  • Business the way : secrets of the world's most astonishing Web business
  • Causes and consequences of increasing inequality
  • Central labor councils and the revival of America
  • Complete guide to executive compensation
  • Consuming youth : vampires, cyborgs, and the culture of consumption
  • Corning and the craft of innovation
  • Crafting customer value : the art and science
  • Creating the multicultural organization : a strategy for capturing the power of diversity
  • Cultivating communities of practice : a guide to managing knowledge
  • Decision support systems and intelligent systems
  • Developing global executives : the lessons of international experience
  • Dotcoms gone bust [videorecording]
  • E-myth contractor : why most contractors' businesses don't work and what to do about it
  • Emotional intelligence at work : the untapped edge for success
  • Emotionally intelligent workplace : how to select for, measure, and improve emotional intelligence in individuals, groups, and organizations
  • Entrepreneurial age : awakening the spirit of enterprise in people, companies, and countries
  • Ethics in the marketplace [videorecording] : a business challenge
  • Franchising dreams: the lure of entrepreneurship in America
  • Fundamentals of public relations : professional guidelines, concepts, and integrations
  • Getting by in hard times : gendered labour at home and on the job
  • Greener manufacturing and operations : from design to delivery and back
  • Handbook of first mortgage underwriting : a standardized method for the commercial real estate industry
  • High-impact consulting : how clients and consultants can work together to achieve extraordinary results
  • How to acquire clients : powerful techniques for the successful practitioner
  • How to find information about divisions, subsidiaries and products.
  • Icebreakers : a sourcebook of games, exercises and simulations
  • Improving customer satisfaction, loyalty, and profit : an integrated measurement and management system
  • Leading change
  • Living company
  • Living in the corporate zoo : life and work in 2010
  • Machine that changed the world : based on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology 5-million dollar 5-year study on the future of the automobile
  • Measuring business excellence
  • Measuring up : how advertising affects self-image 
  • Microsoft vs. the Justice Department [videorecording] : playing monopoly
  • Mining the Web : transforming customer data into customer value
  • Observational research handbook : understanding how consumers live with your product
  • Organizational surveys : tools for assessment and change
  • Phoenix effect : 9 revitalizing strategies no business can do without
  • Race on the line : gender, labor, and technology in the Bell System, 1880-1980
  • Unravelling the rag trade : immigrant entrepreneurship in seven world cities
  • Using the law for competitive advantage
  • Wall Street money machine
  • Webs of innovation : the networked economy demands new ways to innovate
  • Who pays for car accidents? : the fault versus no-fault insurance debate
  • Wireless nation : the frenzied launch of the cellular revolution in America
  • Wireless rules : new marketing strategies for customer relationship management anytime, anywhere
  • Worldwide petroleum industry outlook

Requested Titles

  • Country report. Germany 
  • Country report. Mexico
  • The Harvard Business School guide to careers in finance
  • The Harvard Business School guide to careers in management consulting
  • Harvard Business School guide to careers in marketing 
  • The Harvard Business School guide to careers in the nonprofit sector

  • 2001 State and County economic & travel indicator profiles HD107.U8T7 2001 Table 3B
  • Americans 55 & older : a changing market HQ1064.U5A6455 2001
  • Baby boom : Americans aged 35 to 54 HN60.R868 2001
  • Business plans handbook : a compilation of actual business plans developed by small businesses throughout North America HD62.7.B8651995 Table 11A
  • Consumer Europe HD7022.C68 2001-02
  • Consumer International HC79.C6.C636 2001-02
  • Consumer USA HC101.C744 2002
  • Corporate yellow book : who's who at the leading listed U.S. companies  HG4057.A15646 
  • Country forecast. United States of America HC101.C7567 2002 (Davis Campus)
  • Doing business in... (Price, Waterhouse)  K3827.5.D64
  • Economist Intelligence Unit country report. Germany HC281.C678
  • Economist Intelligence Unit country report. Mexico HC131.C67
  • Generation X : the young adult market HC110.C6M544 2001
  • Grey House directory of special issues : a guide to business magazines Z7164.C81G74 
  • Guide for Occupational Exploration    HF5382.5.U5G83
  • Harvard Business School guide to careers in finance HG65.C3
  • Harvard Business School guide to careers in management consulting HD69.C6M357
  • Harvard Business School guide to careers in marketing HF5415.35.M36 2001
  • Harvard Business School guide to careers in the nonprofit sector HD2769.2.U6L68 2000
  • How to find information about divisions, subsidiaries and products HD2785.H693 1999
  • International directory of company histories HD2721.I63 1988 Table 11B
  • Millennials : Americans under age 25 HQ796.M55 2001
  • Real estate development workbook and manual HD1390.Z83 1991
  • What color is your parachute? HF5382.7.B64 Table 1B


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Information Resources in the Business Disciplines will assist students in developing information literacy and basic research skills to support life-long learning. Students will develop skills in identifying, locating, retrieving, documenting, and critically evaluating both electronic and print resources that are appropriate for undergraduate research, with emphasis in the business disciplines.  Instructor approval is required. 



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