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Research Guide: Business Writers' Resources

Scope: This guide is a selected list of resources that will be useful for business correspondence, business and marketing plans. These resources include print materials available in the Stewart Library, and electronic resources, some of which may be available only to WSU students, faculty, and staff.

Table of Contents

Business Plans

  • Business plans that work:  A guide for small business   HD30.28.T5766 2004
  • How to prepare a business plan  HD62.7.B55 2004
  • Bankable business plans  HD30.28.R644 2004
  • Guide to business planning  HD30.28.F747 2004
  • CPA's guide to developing effective business plans  HD30.28.B47 2001
  • Business plans to game plans : a practical system for turning strategies into action HD30.28.K559 2000
  • The knowledge enterprise : implementation of intelligent business strategies HD30.2.H44 2000
  • Attracting equity investors : positioning, preparing, and presenting the business plan HD30.28.S429 1998
  • If you want to make God really laugh, show him your business plan : the 101 universal laws of business HF5386.G36 1999
  • Anatomy of a business plan : a step-by-step guide to starting smart, building the business, and securing your company's future HD30.28.P5 1999
  • Business plans handbook: A compilation of actual business plans developed by small business throughout North America Reference Table 6 HD62.7 .B865 1998
  • The definitive business plan : the fast-track to intelligent business planning for executives and entrepreneurs   HD30.28.S8 2002
  • Seven steps to a successful business plan   HD30.28.C6422 2002
  • How to prepare a business plan   HD30.28.B3 2002
  • Business planning : a comprehensive framework and process   HD30.28.T776 2002
    Includes sample business plans, marketing plans, tips for presenting plans, and other useful links.
  • Writing a Business Plan
    Discusses elements and guidelines for the preparation of a business plan.
  • Business Plans and Strategy
    Includes planning templates, downloads, reviews, help, and advice.
  • CCH Business Owner's Toolkit
    Includes downloadable sample plans that illustrate required content.
  • More Business
    Sample business and marketing plans, contracts, etc.
  • Business Plan Roadmap to success
  • How to develop and use a business plan

Marketing Plans

  • Powerhouse marketing plans: 14 outstanding real-life plans and what you can learn from them to supercharge your own campaigns  HF5415.13.J5878 2004
  • Preparing the marketing plan HF5415.13 .P3248 2000
  • Marketing on a tight budget : an action guide to low cost business growth HF5415.13.F67 2000
    (Chapter 11: The one hour marketing plan)
  • Anatomy of a business plan : a step-by-step guide to starting smart, building the business, and securing your company's future HD30.28.P5 1999
    (Part II: The marketing plan)
  • The Internet marketing plan HF5415.1265.B39 1997
  • How to write a successful marketing plan : a disciplined and comprehensive approach HF5415.13.H522 1990
  • The marketing plan, how to prepare & implement it HF 5415.L83 1982
  • Marketing your business: a guide to developing a strategic marketing plan  HF5415.135.N957 2003
  • The marketing plan : a step-by-step guide HF5415.13.W48 2002
  • Marketing plans that work  HF5415.13.M3154 2002
  • How come your marketing plans aren't working? : the essential guide to marketing planning   HF5415.13.M6 2002
  • How to develop a strategic marketing plan : a step by step guide  HF5415.135.P33 2000
  • Marketing plans : how to prepare them, how to use them   HF5415.13.M369183 1999
  • The market planning guide : creating a plan to successfully market your business, product, or service   HF5415.122.B36 2002
  • Marketing planning in a total quality environment   HF5415.13.L538 1995
  • How to Write a Marketing Plan
    This hyperlinks to an article on how to write a marketing plan for a library and information service.
  • Small Business Marketing: How to Develop a Marketing Plan
    Includes sample marketing plans.
    Templates and samples of business and marketing plans.

Business Correspondence/Business Letters

  • The McGraw-Hill handbook of business letters HF5726 .P55 1988
  • Reference Manual for the Office Curriculum Coll. Lower Level 651 .H842r 1995
  • Sharpening your business writing skills Media VHS - Lower Level North HF5718.3.S53 1990
    Includes 'Focusing the message', 'Writing business letters', 'Writing short reports', and 'Writing long (formal) reports'.
  • Effective business communication Curriculum Kit - Lower Level 651.7.E27h 1996
    Includes 'Building effective job-search skills', 'Creating an impression-effective resumes and interviews' 'Writing effective cover letters', 'Writing effective business letters', 'Writing effective memos', and 'Writing effective memo reports'.
  • Business Letters ready to go! HF5726. B28 1998
  • Writing business letters : how to produce day-to-day correspondence that is clear and effective HF5721.D3 1999
  • Merriam-Webster's guide to business correspondence HF5726.W34 1996
  • The Complete Sales Letter Book: Model Letters for Every Selling Situation HF5730 .H371998
  • Business writer's book of lists Reference Table 1B HF5718.3.D4 1998

Business Proposals

  • Persuasive business proposals:  Writing to win more customers, clients, and contracts  HF5718.5.S26 2004
  • Search Engine for Proposal Writing
    A search engine and directory for sources of information on grant and proposal writing. Includes information for developing business plans, government contracting, and other resources useful to academic researchers.
  • Writing proposals: a rhetoric for managing change HF5718.5.J64 2002
  • How to write proposals and reports that get results HF5718.5.J39 2000
  • Proposal writing : the art of friendly and winning persuasion PE1479.B87P47 2000
  • Proposals, pitches and beauty parades : winning new business in the '90s HF5718.5.D42 1994
  • Engineer's and manager's guide to winning proposals HF5718.5.H45 1994
  • Proposal preparation HF 5718.5.S85 1984
  • The McGraw-Hill guide to writing a high-impact business plan: a proven blueprint for entrepreneurs HD30.28.A75 1995

General Business Writing Sources

  • How to prepare, stage, and deliver winning presentations   HF5718.22.L43 2004
  • Writing for professional publication: keys to academic and business success PN151.H447 1999
  • Writing reports to get results : quick, effective results using the pyramid method  HF5719.B55 1995
  • The business writer's handbook HF5726.B874 2003
  • Webster's New World business writing handbook HF5726.W76 2002
  • The manager's guide to business writing HF5718.3.S68 1999
  • The business writer's book of lists Reference Table 2A HF5718.3.D4 1998
  • Writing effective policies and procedures: a step-by-step resource for clear communication HD38.15.C36 1998
  • The plain English approach to business writing HF5718.3.B35 1997
  • The dynamics of writing review: opportunities for growth and change in the workplace HF5718.3.K38 1998
  • Lifetime guide to business writing & speaking HF5718.G75 1996
  • E-mail@work : get moving with digital communication   HE7551.W43 2000
  • Lifetime encyclopedia of letters   PE1483.M43 1998
  • The complete idiot's almanac of business letters and memos [electronic resource]
  • Business writing [videorecording]
  • The AMA handbook of business letters [electronic resource]
  • Merriam-Webster's guide to business correspondence   Reference HF5726.W34 1996
  • Internationally yours : writing and communicating successfully in today's global marketplace  HF5721.D353 1994
  • Handbook for business writing [electronic resource]
  • Business communication : a case method approach  Curriculum Collection 651.7.P743b 1995

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