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Research Guide: Child & Family Studies

Finding Books

Using Catalogs:  Many books about child and family studies are located on the top level of the library in the General Collection, under call numbers beginning with HQ.

The Young Peoples Collection of children's literature and the Curriculum Library of teaching resources are located on the lower level.  Use the WSU online catalog to find location and availability of books and other media in Stewart Library. 

Interlibrary Loan:  If we do not own a particular book or article you need, we will borrow it for you from another library through Interlibrary Loan.

Reference Resources

Reference resources include encyclopedias, dictionaries and other materials you use to "refer" to.  Use these resources for background information on a topic.  Examples include:

  • Encyclopedia of Family Life - Middle Level,  REF HQ534 .E55 1999
  • The Encyclopedia of Parenting Theory - Middle Level, REF HQ755.8 .E523 1999
  • The Family in America - Middle Level, REF HQ536 .H365 2001
  • International Encyclopedia of Marriage & Family - Middle Level, REF HQ9 .E52 2003
  • Handbook of Applied Development Science - Middle Level, REF HQ767.9 .H346 2003
  • Handbook of Family Measurement Techniques - Middle Level, REF HQ728 .H267 2001

Finding Articles

Article Databases

Use Article Databases to find magazine and journal articles.  Search by subject or keyword in these indexes.  Academic Search Premier is great for full-text articles online.  All databases and most articles are available off-campus.  To access from home, go to the library's webpage (, click on Database Finder under Quicklinks, choose your database and click on the link.  You will be asked to enter your student ID and password (the same one you use on the portal and for Wildcat mail.)  


Use Newspaper databases to find newspaper articles by subject or keyword.  Deseret News, Salt Lake Tribune, and the Standard Examiner are all on the Web.  For a list of WSU newspaper databases, go to the Database Finder, click on the Subject menu, scroll down and click on Newspapers.  


Browsing Current Periodicals 

Current magazines and journals can be browsed in the HQ area of Current Periodicals on the Middle Level of the library.  Bound volumes of older issues are shelved on the top level in the General Collection, also under HQ.  Some of the journals are:

  • Adolescence  HQ1 .A239
  • Family Relations  HQ1 .F1982
  • Journal of Marital and Family Therapy  HQ1 .J8622
  • Journal of Marriage and Family  HQ1 .M3592
  • Journal of Youth and Adolescence  HQ1 .J866


Electronic Journals

The WSU Stewart Library also provides access to thousands of periodicals.  Most articles can be read directly on your web browser (like Internet Explorer or Firefox), although for many you will need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Most computers come with the program, but if yours doesn't, you can download it for free here:  download Adobe Reader.

Some titles are:  (Please note that dates available vary - check Ejournals for all options)

If you already know the title of the journal:

  • Go to the library's Ejournals list
  • Enter the title of the journal in the search box and click the search button
  • You may also search our electronic journals holdings in the online catalog using the Journal Alphabetical search; an icon saying ejournals will appear in the catalog record if the journal is available online.


Web Resources



Research Tips

As you do your research, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Clearly identify your information need
  • Identify key words and search terms to match your topic
  • Develop search statements using advanced search techniques
    • Boolean logic, adjacency searching and truncation
  • Use the Online catalog to find books
  • Use Education and Social Sciences Databases to find magazine and  journal articles
  • Go back to the online catalog to see if the journals are in Stewart Library and where they are located
  • Use Interlibrary loan to get materials that are not in Stewart Library
  • Use search engines to find Web information
  • Carefully evaluate the information you find for usefulness and quality
  • Revise your search terms and strategy to expand or narrow your results, be creative, look in other areas
  • Use appropriate style to document and cite your research
  • Ask for HELP via phone or email
Updated December 30, 2008 . Please send comments to Evan Christensen
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