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Chemistry Sources on the Internet

Chemical and Lab Equipment Directories

Lab Equipment

ThomasNet (
Look up by product/service, brand name or company name.  Over 150,000 companies listed.

ChemDex  (
For a large listing of chemical companies in the U.S., select Companies from left column.

Zycon (

"The Definitive Industrial Directory of Manufacturers and Distributors for Engineers and Technical Buyers, and Information Resource on Industrial Products and Services"

The Lab Depot, Inc. (

A one-stop shop for laborary equipment, supplies, and chemicals. (

A good site for laboratory equipment, chemicals, and educational products.


Buyer's Guide for Chemicals (
International directory of suppliers of chemicals and chemical products.

Sigma-Aldrich (
Search the Sigma-Aldrich chemical catalog by keyword, molecular formula and CAS registry number.

Chem Sources--Chemical Purchasing Directory Buyers Guide (

A good site to find chemical sources in the USA and worldwide.

ChemIndex (

A well-organized directory of chemical suppliers, services, resources, and lab equipment.

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Material Safety Data Sheets

Where To Find Material Safety Datasheets on the Internet (  Listing of MSDS internet sites with information about content and registration.

MSDS-Cornell University (

A directory page for possible sources of MSDS.

MSDS Online (
Provides over 300,000 MSDS.  Must register for free trial which only allows you to open, view, or print up to 5 MSDSs.

MSDS-Search National Repository (

Easy to use search interface to find MSDS.

WSU - Environmental Health & Safety - MSDS (
Searchable database of MSDS.  Some safety and location information incomplete.

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Resources for Chemistry Educators  (

Link to instructional software can be found in the list on the right-hand side.

MDL Free Products  (
A chemical structure drawing software program which includes structure templates.  Structures can be inserted into documents, Web pages and presentations. Free downloads for academic and home use are available on this site on the lower lefthand side.  Must register.

Rolf Claessen's Chemistry Index  (
Well designed web site with links to free and for a fee chemical drawing programs.

WWW Chemistry Guide--Software (

A list of chemistry software both commercial & non-commercial.

New Free Downloads--Chemistry (

A short list of chemistry-related software.


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Property Data

Chemfinder  (
Basic information about chemical compounds and web links to other Internet sources.

Classical, Quantum, Nanoscale & Statistical Thermodynamics & Mechanics Data and Property Calculation Sites on the Web    (
Large listing of internet sites for property calculations.  From the Thermodynamics Research Lab, University of Illinois at Chicago.

CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics  (
Online version of the popular CRC handbook. Requires Adobe Acrobat 4.05, and Netscape 6.0, Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher, or Mozilla 1.0 for correct formatting.

NIST Chemistry WebBook (
Physical and thermophysical properties - mostly organic compounds. 

SDBS -  Integrated Spectral Data Base System for Organic Compounds (
Search for mass, NMR, FT-IR, laser raman and ESR spectral data for organic compounds.  From the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan.

Thermodex ( Index to selected thermodynamic data handbooks which contain property data. 

Link to Internet Sources for Physical Property Information (

A comprehensive wiki chemistry information page including a section titled Physical Property Compilations


Periodic Table

WebElements (
Quick online information about the elements. 

Its Elemental (

Periodical table with cool links to articles about each element.

American Elements (

Easy to use periodic table to access information about the elements.

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Jobs and Career Information

Occupational Outlook Handbook (
Descriptions of occupations, skills, job outlook, future growth, current salary ranges and related jobs.  From the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The Riley Guide - Employment Opportunities and Job Resources on the Internet (
A good place to start. Includes preparing for a job search,  resume examples, job listings on the Internet.

Links to Internet Sources for Careers in Chemistry (

Wiki directory of chemistry career resources.

WWW Chemistry Sites at Academic Institutions -USA  (
Links to Chemistry Departments/Programs at U.S. universities.


Electronic Discussion Groups

Library of Chemistry Listservs

Easy page to use to subscribe to "... non-Federal Government e-mail discussion lists."

Chemistry Mailing Lists

List of mailing lists of discussion group in various areas of chemistry.

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Selected Chemistry Internet Directories

WWW Chemistry Guide


"A comprehensive collection of annotated links for chemists and researchers involved in organic, biochemical, computational, medicinal and/or other chemistry research."

American Chemical Society--News and Research

American Chemical Society (ACS).  Society activities, chemistry in the news, student and career information.  


International directory of chemistry on the Internet.  From the Dept. of Chemistry, University of Sheffield, England.

SIRCh: Selected Internet Resources for Chemistry     ( A wiki of internet information sites about the chemistry field.

Links for Chemists 


Chemistry section of the WWW Virtual Library.  Extensive directory of chemistry related web resources. 


Site for which you must register, but contains a wealth of information for the chemist including conference and meeting information, and free access to some journals.

Chemistry Conferences 


Worldwide Conferences, Exhibitions and Trade Fairs

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Help with Internet Research

Search Engines  (
Search engines use software called spiders that search the Internet for new web sites. Sometimes all of the words in the web page are indexed, sometimes just the heading or title is indexed. Use the help screens for more relevant, focused searching results

Search Tips:

    Phrase Searching:  "environmental health"

    Combining concepts using the Advanced Search screens:

"All of the words" is the Boolean AND (can also use the + symbol)

"Any of the words" or with "At least one of the words" is the Boolean OR

"Without the words" is the Boolean NOT (can also use the - symbol)

    Truncation (depends on the search engine):  pollut+  (pollute, polluting, pollution) 

Evaluating Library and Internet Information  (

Identifying Web Information Resources (

Citing Print and Electronic Research Sources (

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