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Using the Internet for Legal Research
  •  Find legal services

  • Martindale-Hubbell Lawyer Locator  (  Search by location, lawyer name, law firm,  and specialty.  You can even search for a lawyer who speaks a specific language.  International coverage.

  • Findlaw:   West Legal Directory  (  Search by location, including zipcode, names, specialty, and law firm.  Also includes information on choosing and interviewing a lawyers and legal fees.

  •  (  Search by area code or specialty.  Some international coverage.  Includes information on bail bond, paralegal resources, process servers, etc.

  • Find a form

  • Forms from Findlaw  (  Links to federal and state forms, as well as forms on various topics.  Includes links to other form sites.

  •  (  a database of free legal forms.  Search by keyword or browse topics.  Can also search a "premium database" by state and order forms.  Prices vary from several dollars to several hundred.

  • Uncle Sam:  Forms from the Feds  (  A list of links to forms from the federal government.  Forms include student aid, Veterans' Affairs, IRS, Family History and many, many others.  From the University of Memphis.

  •  (  Search for free forms by keyword, subject and/or state.  

  • Legal Research Guides

  • Good places to start looking

  • Catalaw  (  A catalog of legal information available on the internet.  Search by topic or region.

  •  (  One of the original web law sites.  Has a search engine for legal sites, links to state and federal courts and laws, articles on various aspects of law and legal bulletin boards.

  • LLRX (  Great compilation of legal resources

  •  (  A website providing legal self-help resources.  Articles on many legal topics in plain-english, a legal reference center, "Ask Auntie Nolo" ,  and many useful links.
  • -Utah Laws  (  Utah government gateway to Utah legal information


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