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BAESL: Bibliography of Archaeological Excavations in the

Southern Levant

Due to network issues, BAESL will be unavailable until further notice. Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.


Note:  Please read the following before accessing the bibliography.

Welcome to the beta version of BAESL, the Bibliography of Archaeological Excavations in the Southern Levant.  The intent of this bibliography is to provide comprehensive access to the scholarly literature on archaeological excavations in the southern Levant, including present-day Israel, the West Bank, the Palestinian Authority and Jordan. It includes over 15,000 citations to books, reports and articles from magazines and journals ranging from the early 19th century to the present. Most of the cited items are in English. Titles included in citations to publications in Hebrew and Arabic are translated; titles for French, German and other non-English European languages appear as in the original (except for diacritics). Despite repeated attempts, it has proved impossible to make the search engine work properly with diacritics, so diacritics are not used in the database and should not be used in your search.

The database is searchable by a variety of criteria, including author, title and keyword. Site names (including all identifiable variants) and archaeological period codes have been added as keywords to each entry. When searching by site name, it is best to use only one significant word from the site name (eg. Anafa instead of Tel Anafa; Areini instead of Tell esh Sheikh el Areini). If you use two or more words from a site name, be sure to place them in parentheses (eg. "Beer Resisim" or "Tel Rehov"). When searching by archaeological period, be sure to consult the list of period codes and use the most specific code possible (eg. MBIIA instead of MB).  When you are ready to search, please access BAESL by using the following link:

Search BAESL

Note: It can sometimes take more than a minute for the search page to appear. Please be patient. Also, If you wish to create a link to BAESL, please link to this introductory page and not to the search page.

Feedback: Please use the BAESL Feedback Form to share your thoughts on BAESL; report any errors in existing citations or other problems; and suggest new citations to add to the database.

Disclaimer: Although every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of the database, you may find that some citations contain typographic and other errors. Thus, accuracy is not guaranteed and users should confirm each citation before using it in their research. Please report any errors in citations or other problems with the database using the BAESL Feedback Form.


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