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BAESL Archaeological Period Codes

The following codes are based on the chronology used by The New Encyclopedia of Archaeological Excavations In the Holy Land (Jerusalem and New York, 1993).  They are intended to be used as key words when searching BAESL.  The calendar dates are approximate and the use of a code for a specific site is based on judgements made by the authors of the cited publications and not by the compiler of BAESL. For the EBIV period, alternative designations have been provided because the nomenclature for this period remains controversial. Users may wish to print a copy of this page for reference when searching BAESL.


Code Archaeological Period
LP Lower Paleolithic [1,000,000-120,000 BCE]
MP Middle Paleolithic [120,000-45,000 BCE]
UP Upper Paleolithic [45,000-18,000 BCE]
EP Epipaleolithic [18,000-8,300 BCE]
NE Neolithic [8,300-4,500 BCE]
PPN Pre-Pottery Neolithic [8,300-5,500 BCE]
PPNA Pre-Pottery Neolithic A
PPNB Pre-Pottery Neolithic B
PPNC Pre-Pottery Neolithic C
PN Pottery Neolithic [5,500-4,500 BCE]
CH Chalcolithic [4,500-3,300 BCE]
CHE Early Chalcolithic [4,500-4,000 BCE]
CHL Late Chalcolithic (Ghassulian) [4,000-3,330 BCE]
EB Early Bronze Age [3,300-2,000 BCE]
EBI Early Bronze Age IA-B [3,300-3,000 BCE]
EBII Early Bronze Age II [3,000-2,700 BCE]
EBIII Early Bronze Age III [2,700-2,200 BCE]
EBIV Early Bronze Age IV [2,200-2,000 BCE]
IB Intermediate Bronze [2,200-2,000 BCE]
MBI Middle Bronze Age I [2,200-2,000 BCE]
MB Middle Bronze Age [2,000-1,550 BCE]
MBIIA Middle Bronze Age II A (Middle Bronze I) [2,000-1,750 BCE]
MBIIB Middle Bronze Age II B (Middle Bronze II) [1,750-1,650 BCE]
MBIIC Middle Bronze Age II C (Middle Bronze III) [1,650-1,550 BCE]
LB Late Bronze Age [1,550-1,200 BCE]
LBI Late Bronze Age I [1,550-1,400 BCE]
LBII Late Bronze Age II [1,400-1,200 BCE]
LBIIA Late Bronze Age II A [1,400-1,300 BCE]
LBIIB Late Bronze Age II B [1,300-1,200 BCE]
IR Iron Age [1,200-586 BCE]
IRI Iron Age I [1,200-1,000 BCE]
IRIA Iron Age I A [1,200-1,150 BCE]
IRIB Iron Age I B [1,150-1,000 BCE]
IRII Iron Age II [1,000-586 BCE]
IRIIA Iron Age II A [1,000-900 BCE]
IRIIB Iron Age II B [900-700 BCE]
IRIIC Iron Age II C [700-586 BCE]
PER Babylonian and Persian Periods [586-332 BCE]
HEL Hellenistic Period [332-37 BCE]
EH Early Hellenistic [332-167 BCE]
LH Late Hellenistic [167-37 BCE]
ROM Roman Period [37 BCE-324 CE]
ER Early Roman [37 BCE-132 CE]
LR Late Roman [132 CE-324 CE]
BYZ Byzantine Period [324 CE-634 CE]
EA Early Arab Period (Umayyad and Abbasid) [638-1099 CE]
CA Crusader and Ayyubid Periods [1099-1291 CE]
LA Late Arab Period (Fatimid and Mameluke) [1291-1516 CE]
OTT Ottoman Period [1516-1917 CE]
MOD Modern Period [post 1917 CE]

Disclaimer:  Although every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of the database, you may find that some citations contain typographic and other errors.  Thus, accuracy is not guaranteed and users should confirm each citation before using it in their research.  Please report any errors in citations or other problems with the database to the compiler (see below).


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