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Library Classroom Schedules (Rooms 31, 106, 138)

To reserve a classroom please email:

Please read the classroom guidelines before scheduling a classroom.

View Classroom Availability

  1. Go to and log in if prompted. This will take you directly to your Google Calendar.
  2. On the calendar, click the time and date on the calendar that you want to schedule.
  3. Click on Edit event in the box that appears.
  4. Once you are in the event editor, set the title, and edit the time and date of your meeting if needed.
  5. Over on the right hand side of the screen, where it says add, click on Rooms, etc.
  6. Select the room you want to add (ex: LI - 138) and then click Add.This will invite the classroom.
  7. Once you are done scheduling your event click the Save button at the top of the page.

For more detailed instructions see the following PDF Scheduling a Library Classroom.

Your reservation is not final until you receive an e-mail from Google Calendar.

Have questions? Want us to schedule the room? Need to cancel? please e-mail or call the Reference Desk at 801-626-6415.

Updated August 21, 2013. Please send comments  to Library Instruction
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