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Stewart Library Classroom Guidelines

Please assist us in maintaining library classrooms by following the guidelines listed below


  • To schedule a room:
    • For instructions concerning how to schedule a classroom, please see the library classroom schedule
      • Please note that a room is not reserved until it has been approved by the calendar administrator
    • WSU faculty, please contact your Subject Librarian to assist with scheduling a room.
    • WSU faculty and staff may reserve classrooms for single or multiple uses, if available.  
    • Please reserve library classrooms at least a week in advance.  We will try to accommodate late requests, but may not be able to.
    • Please email Library Instruction if you wish to use a library classroom more than once.
    • Students and community users cannot reserve rooms.
    • You will generally receive an email confirmation within a few days following your scheduling request.
  • If you need to cancel: We appreciate knowing as soon as possible if you are not going to use a room so we can make it available to others.
    • Contact Reference staff, 801-626-6415 or e-mail
    • If you are working with a Subject Librarian, please contact them.

Classroom Use

  • Use Guidelines

      • A WSU faculty or staff member must be present in the classroom while it is in use.
      • Please do not leave students unsupervised.
      • Faculty and staff please turn off the lights and shut the door when you are finished.
    • Opening Classrooms
      • Faculty/Staff: If you are not working directly with a Subject Librarian, please ask Reference or Circulation staff to open the classroom door for you.
        • Reference staff will open rooms 138 and 106
        • Circulation staff will open rooms 31 and 59
  • Closing Classrooms:
      • Faculty and Staff: Please make sure lights are off and the door is closed and locked when you leave.  Please do not leave the room unattended
      • Please do not turn off any stations when you are finished.  Library staff will shut down stations.


  • Food and Drink:
      • Contained food and drink is allowed.  Please do not allow students to have any food or drink that might harm the computers.
      • For special occasions, please make a note on the scheduling form or email Library Instruction for help.

Equipment Guidelines

  • Instructions:
    • Please check the classroom manual for help operating the classrooms’ hardware and software and connecting a personal laptop.
    • Please ask Reference staff for help with any issues.  You may ask at the desk, middle level north OR use the classroom telephone and dial 6415.


Hardware and Software:

  • You may not load software on the classroom computers.
  • If you would like to use special software, please inform Library Instruction at least 3-4 weeks before your class.
  • If the response is positive, you will need to provide properly licensed software and work with Library Systems to install it.
  • Do not install any hardware that requires a modification of the current arrangement.
  • You are welcome to connect a laptop or similar devices.  Each classroom has a set of basic cables.  Circulation also has HDMI and VGA cables available for checkout and in- library use.
  • If you would like to use hardware not available in the classroom, please inform Library Instruction 1-2 weeks before class to see if it is possible to do so.

Updated August 21, 2013 . Please send comments to Reference Desk

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