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English 2010 Exercise


Article databases index articles from thousands of scholarly journals, magazines, and newspapers. Databases may include abstracts (summaries) of articles or the complete (full text) articles online.

Note:  For this exercise you will find two FULL TEXT articles from Academic Search Premier AND print the two article CITATIONS (author, title, source, date, etc).

academic search premier

What is Academic Search Premier and why is it useful?

Academic Search Premier is an article database used to find articles and article citations in over 8000 magazines and journals covering most topics. Many of the article citations in Academic Search Premier include a link to the full text of the article online. Full text articles can be printed, emailed, or saved for later use. Academic Search Premier is just one of many databases provided by a company called EBSCO and it's online service EBSCOhost, available through the Stewart Library.

To access Academic Search Premier

  • Start at the Stewart Library home page at the following web address (also known as the URL or uniform resource locator)
    Under Quick Links, click on Database Finder then on Academic Search Premier
  • For off campus access enter your WSU user name and password when prompted.
Using Academic Search Premier
  • Type your keywords from step 2 above into the Find box. Use the Boolean operator AND to combine search terms and to limit and focus your search. Example: television and violence and children
  • For this assignment, limit your search to Full Text articles (the complete article will be online)
  • Notice that you may also limit your results by
    • Selecting SCHOLARLY (Peer Reviewed) Journals. Articles from peer reviewed journals are sometimes called Refereed articles
    • Or use the Advanced Search option for additional search options
  • After entering your keywords and limiting to Full Text, click on Search (or use the Enter key)
  • Review the results
  • Select two full text articles on your topic. Click on Add in the right hand column and add the two articles to your folder
  • Click on the yellow folder near the top right of the screen. It should now say Folder has items


The following characteristics can help you distinguish between popular, scholarly, and trade/professional publications. Some publications may not fall neatly into one category. Consider the content of the specific article when determining if it is popular, scholarly, or trade/professional.


Publication Type


Popular magazine

(Time, Newsweek, Sports Illustrated, etc.)

Written for the general public; popular interest; general language; no list of references; usually published weekly or monthly; glossy appearance; lots of advertising

Scholarly (or academic) journal (sometimes called peer reviewed)

Written for researchers and professionals; scholarly; language is more specialized or specific to field of study; peer reviewed or refereed; generally includes bibliography or list of references; often published quarterly; little advertising

Trade or Professional magazine

(Beverage World, Aviation Week, Chemical Industry News, etc.)

Written for people in a specific business, trade, or organization; articles may have short bibliographies; advertising is usually related to the trade or profession

3. Look at the full text of the two articles you have selected. Using the characteristics above, what type of periodical publications did you find? (Popular, scholarly, or trade/professional)

pencilArticle 1 is: ____popular   ____scholarly   ____trade/professional
Article 2 is: ____popular   ____scholarly   ____trade/professional

Print Your Citations

    Follow instructions below to print the citations only for your two articles. A citation includes the information which documents the source: author, title, date, magazine, volume and page, etc.

  • For this exercise DO NOT print the full text
  • Click on Print near the center of the screen (NOT on the toolbar)
  • In the Print Manager be sure to UNCLICK the HTML Full Text (when available) box.
  • Click on the gray Print button
  • In Internet Explorer, the print command box will automatically appear. If using Mozilla, go to File and Print on the browser tool bar
  • Attach the printout to this exercise. You should have one or two pages only.
  • Ask for help as needed

Using Other Article Databases and Ejournals

Stewart Library subscribes to many article databases covering a wide variety of topics. From the library home page, select the Database Finder to see lists of databases by subject. Most databases may be accessed off-campus 24 hours a day.

full text
    What if the articles you want are NOT available in full text?

  • Articles may be full text in another database. Click on Find Full Text (if shown) to see if the article is available.
  • To see if a particular journal is available in full text, check EJournals on the library home page.
  • Ejournals will also indicate if the library owns Print Holdings (print copies) of the journal/magazine. If Ejournals has a link to Print Holdings, the link will take you to the Stewart Library Catalog. Use the "Journal Alphabetical" option in the catalog to find information about print (paper) copies
  • Note the dates available electronically or in print to be sure the date you need is available
  • If the library does not own the journal you need, you can order articles using Interlibrary Loan from the library home page
    Where are print magazines, journals and newspapers located?
  • Current Issues (new, unbound) are located in the Current Periodicals Collection
  • Back Issues (older, bound) are interfiled with books in the General Collection

4.   Use Ejournals (on the library home page) to see if a journal is available in full text online. Type in New Yorker as an example and list the dates it is available below:

List the dates New Yorker is available in WSU print holdings: __________________

List the dates it is available in Lexis/Nexis:________________________________

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