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English 2010 Exercise


What are reference resources and why are they useful?

Reference resources are items that you “refer” to, such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks, atlases, indexes and statistical sources. They are often a great place to begin or enhance research. Usually reference books are located in the reference area of a library. Many reference books and resources are now available full text on the Web. To access these, go to the Database Finder (on the library home page) and click on Reference under Search by Subject.

5. The library also has many useful guides to help you with your research

  • Go to the Stewart Library home page (
  • Click on Guides (under Learn)
  • Click on "How do I.." or "Guides by Subject"

    From the list, identify a guide that may be useful to you. (This does not need to be related to your research topic) What is the title of the guide?



Every library has its own unique collection. The library catalog is the index to that collection. The Stewart Library catalog is a large database listing every item (books, periodical titles, videos, etc.) located in the Stewart Library. You can search for items by title, author, keyword, Library of Congress Subject Headings, language, format, etc.

To use the Stewart Library catalog

  • Start at the Stewart Library home page (
  • Under Quick Links, click on Catalog
  • To search by keyword, type the keyword(s) that best describe(s) your topic in the empty box beside “General Keyword”
  • Click on the Submit button or use the Enter key to see your search results
  • Many other search options and limits are available to make your search more relevant
What is a call number and why is it useful?

Think of a call number as the address of a book on the shelf. Use the library catalog to find the call number for any item. Use the call number to find the item on the shelf. Each call number is unique. Ask library staff for assistance if you need help finding an item on the shelf.

6. Use the Stewart Library Catalog to find a book on your research topic.


Title of the book:                                                                            

Author(s) of the book:                                                                                     

What is the call number?_________________________________________

Is the book available or checked out? ________________________________________

7.   Use the Stewart Library catalog to find a book or video by a favorite or famous author. List the author, title and call number. pencil

Author's Name: ___________________________________________
Title: ___________________________________________________
Call number: _____________________________________________

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