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FYE Exercise


Information Literacy

Learning Objectives

After today's session, students will

  • feel more comfortable asking for help in the library
  • be able to use the library web page and the library catalog
  • be able to locate full-text articles using Academic Search Premier
  • understand the WSU Computer & Information Literacy Part D requirement

Using the Library Web Page

Use the Stewart Library Web site ( to answer questions 1-7. Ask for help
at any

pencil1) From the library home page, click on Guides (under Learn) then Guides by Subject. Find the guide about plagiarism. List two types of plagiarism. 

__________________________   &   ___________________________

2) Find the guide for evaluating information. List two criteria you can use for evaluating
you find on the Internet.

________________________________    &    __________________________________

3) From the library home page, click on Help near the top right. You can get assistance from

library staff in several ways. List two.

___________________________________  &    __________________________________

4) Use the Stewart Library catalog (link is on the library home page) to find a book about service learning. List the title and call number.


Call number: _____________________________________________________________  

5) Stewart Library staff can get articles and books for you from libraries around the country.
There is a link to this service on the library home page. What is it called? (Think of a loan

between libraries)


6) On the library home page, click on Information Literacy. Then click on How Do I...

Find the guide Identify Scholarly vs. Popular Articles. List three differences
between a scholarly journal and a popular magazine.




7) Go back to the How Do I... guides and click on Cite Print and Electronic Resources.
Browse this guide and list one reason it is important to know about citing information for research.



Using Academic Search Premier   PICTURE


Academic Search Premier is one of many article databases which Stewart Library offers. It is a good
place because it indexes over 8800 magazines and journals covering most topics. Many of the
article citations in Academic Search Premier also include a link to the full text of the article online. Full
text articles
can be printed, emailed, or saved for later use.


8) Write the research topic or area given to you by your instructor.

Topic from instructor: _____________________________________________________

Select two or more words that best describe your topic (above) and write them here. These are your keywords. (Example: time management and students)

_________________________________  and  ___________________________________


To access Academic Search Premier

  • Start at the Stewart Library home page at the following web address (also known as the URL or
    uniform resource locator)
  • Under Quick Links, click on Database Finder
  • Click on Academic Search Premier

Academic Search Premier and other library databases are also available from off campus. For off campus

access,begin as above and enter your WSU user name and password when prompted.

Searching Academic Search Premier
  • Type your keywords into the Find box. Use the Boolean operator AND to combine search terms
    and to limit and focus your research
  • For this assignment, limit your search to Full Text articles (the complete article will be online)
  • Notice that you may also Limit your results by selecting
    • SCHOLARLY (Peer Reviewed) Journals. Articles from peer reviewed journals are sometimes called Refereed articles
    • Advanced Search option for additional search options
  • After entering your keywords and limiting to Full Text, click on Search (or use the Enter key)
  • Review the results and select a full text article on your topic. Click on the title of the article to see the abstract (summary) of the article.
  • For this assignment, print the citation for the article. The citation includes the title of the article, the author, the source (journal name), date, volume and page number.
    • Click on Print (below the green bar) NOT on the toolbar
    • On the Print Manager screen, be sure to UNCLICK the HTML Full Text (when available) box.
    • Click on the Print button on the left side of the screen
    • In Internet Explorer, the print command box will automatically appear. If using Mozilla, go to File and Print on the browser bar
  • Attach the printout to this exercise. You should have one or two pages only.
  • Ask for help as needed

WSU's Information Literacy Competency Requirement

From the Stewart Library home page ( click on Information Literacy and then on
Information Literacy Requirement
to answer the following questions.

9) Define what it means to be an information literate student.




10) There are several ways to meet Part D of WSU's Computer & Information Literacy Requirement. List two.



Give Us Your Feedback

You're almost done! Please go to the following URL and complete a short online feedback form to help us continue to improve library instruction for our FYE students.

We hope this exercise has introduced you to some of the library resources available to our students. Stewart Library Reference staff are happy to help you with your research.

Come in, call, chat or email us for assistance.

Updated August 24, 2007
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