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Information Literacy Competencies

The Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) published the Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education in 2000. The WSU Library's core outcomes were developed and placed within the context of these competency standards.  We use ACRL's standards to develop, asses and continually improve our library instruction program components.

WSU students are required to achieve these competencies as part D of the WSU Computer and Information Literacy Requirement. 


1. Articulate the value of information literacy for academic success and beyond.

2. Demonstrate an understanding of academic integrity.

  • Articulate the importance of documenting research.
  • Employ techniques to avoid plagiarism.
  • Properly cite information sources using an appropriate style.
  • Interpret a citation.

3. Identify criteria to critically evaluate, select and use information for a particular information need or audience.

  • Clearly describe and evaluate a specific resource.


4. Demonstrate an understanding of library collections, resources, and services in order to access information.

  • Identify the most appropriate search tools to find different types of information.
  • Use of library catalogs to identify and locate information in the library.
  • Use article databases to find information from journals, magazines and newspapers.
  • Use of Internet search engines to find high quality Web sites.
  • Find information, borrow materials, and get help in the library.


5. Use the research process to revise and refine search results.

  • Develop a focused research question or thesis statement in order to clearly define a topic.
  • Develop and apply search statements using keywords, Boolean logic and other advanced search techniques.


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