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LIBS 1704 is a Web-based, multimedia course developed by members of the Stewart Library's Instruction Team. This course satisfies Weber State University's information literacy requirement, but may also be used by anyone who wants to learn the basic skills and strategies needed to effectively use the Weber State University library system.


LIBS 1704 consists of five modules. The first module discusses some important differences between doing high school and college-level research and between the various types of libraries, provides a primer on the principles of academic integrity, and articulates the importance of information literacy skills in college and beyond. The second module covers search strategies that are necessary to successfully use various information-finding tools, such as library catalogs, article databases, and web search engines. Modules three through five cover the basic search options of the library catalog, article databases, and search engines. Students taking LIBS 1704 for course credit will complete quizzes and assignments and participate in threaded discussions through the WSUOnline course management system, Canvas. Students accessing LIBS 1704 to study for the 1504 exam may access the course content on the Stewart Library website at: http://library.weber.edu/il/libs1704/libsci.html

Information about the requirements to run LIBS 1704 is provided in the Introduction to the course, and via the HELP link below. Students who cannot run LIBS 1704 from their home computers because of lower-end hardware or software may access the text version of the course by clicking on that option from the module links on the left hand menu, or may access the video lectures through Stewart Library computers, from computer labs on the main campus, or at the Davis Campus. A complete list of student computer labs and hours is available at: http://weber.edu/computerlabs/

Please direct feedback and questions about LIBS 1704 to:

Dr. Shaun Adamson

Associate Professor, Education Librarian
Stewart Library, Weber State University
2901 University Circle
Ogden, UT 84408
Email: shaunjackson@weber.edu