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Information Literacy Program: Lib Sci TBE 1504-Information   Literacy Competency Exam

(Draft 09/25/2002 )

Priority Outcomes  How Assessed (measures and criteria) Schedule 
(data and reports)
Students will demonstrate their ability to:
  • Better understand the Internet as a tool for communication and  research 
  • Understand and apply the steps in the research process
  • Develop a focused research topic
  • Identify the appropriate types and formats of information for academic research
  • Find and access information by effectively using catalogs, databases and search engines
  • Use information resources effectively and ethically
  • Critically evaluate information sources
  • Document information sources
Students that feel they know all of the material taught in the courses suggested to meet this requirement, may select to take an exam instead of a course. 

The exams are written by the library faculty with input from the TBE Department. The exams are administered by the TBE Department. The exam is given in two parts. The first part is a multiple choice exam, and the second part is an authentic exam. Both parts of the exam address the priority outcomes and enable students to demonstrate their  abilities to use multiple tools, services and collections. Students are required in the exam to identify, find, effectively use, evaluate and document resources appropriate for academic research.  

Exam questions and activities are drawn from the Libsci 1704 and 2201 course curricula. 

Students must achieve 73% correct answers/points on the exam to pass. 






Students are asked to comment (anonymously) on the exam and these comments are used to continually improve the exam.  

Enrollment data and pass/fail information is collected for each semester . This data is  analyzed and  published annually in the instruction team annual report.

Faculty will use data and comments to continually improve student learning and teaching methods.





Updated September 16, 2004 . Please send comments to Carol Hansen
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