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Library Instruction Assessment Resources


Stewart Library Instruction Program Assessment 

DRAFT  Mission

ACRL Standards with comments from instruction team

Information Literacy Competencies (our old ones)

Possible draft process? (see WSU process below right)

Debra Gilchrist's 5 Questions

Student Learning Outcomes Subcommittees

Working Drafts of Instruction Team/Program Priority Outcomes (beginning with those the team selected From ACRL Standards in March) and beginning drafts of planning process


ACRL Assessment Initiatives

WSU Assessment Initiatives

Guidelines for Instruction Programs in Academic Libraries

Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education

The ACRL Best Practices and Assessment of Information Literacy Programs (March 2001)

WSU Assessment Web




 More Assessment Information

ACRL BIS Research Committee bibliography

Pierce College Bibliography on Outcomes Assessment

Outcomes Assessment Sites from NC State



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