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Information Literacy Program: English 2010 Information   Literacy Component Assessment Plan


Priority Outcomes  How Assessed 
(measures and criteria)
(data and reports)

Students will be able to:

Identify, find, use and evaluate library and Internet information resources for academic research and lifelong learning using

  • article databases
  • library catalog
  • Google

Pedagogy: Brief (less than 20 minutes) Web demo and discussion of:

  • key features of the library home page
  • demo of using the library catalog to find books
  • demo of Academic Search Premier
  • demo of added features of Google.
  • Followed by hands-on exercise to be started in the class session and finished outside class


Students will complete the English 2010 exercise and the English 2010 feedback/evaluation form.

English 2010 faculty discuss exercises and sessions with library faculty regularly during sessions to get comments and suggestions. These are shared with team.

IL team requests feedback from English 2010 faculty every semester via email.

Instruction Services Librarian meets with English Writing Coordinator and English department chair each semester to request comments suggestions and feedback.

Instruction Services Librarian meets with entire English department at least once a year to get comments, suggestions and feedback.


Every student is given the exercise at every session

Every student is encouraged to complete the  evaluation/feedback form

English 2010 faculty and student comments are used to improve the curriculum and pedagogy. Changes are made every semester to improve student satisfaction and learning.

Results of feedback forms are summarized in instruction team annual report.



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